Yes, Virginia, There Really Is A Cupid

This year, for Valentine’s Day, I’ll tuck a romantic CD like Love Songs by Miles Davis, Belgian chocolates (this is the best chocolate ever, worth the drive and the dollars), massage oil, a candle and rose petals into a basket with a favorite photo framed just for my sweetheart. I’ll be making king cake for Mardi Gras, so maybe I’ll whip up a cheese cake for Valentine’s Day. Hmmmm. Now where is that recipe?

For teachers, assistants, helpers and friends I’m making little candle candies (how to in my video – so easy and so cute). I think these will be great as favors for a family Valentine’s Day dinner, too. A sprinkling of Sweethearts on the tablecloth would be cute. I hear this year one of the hearts says “Tweet Me.” For my mom and sisters, I’m thinking an eye pillow filled with French Lavender and flaxseed, scented hand cream, and my little candy candles.

Video by: EncinoMom Productions

Here are a few things I saw on Amazon – A Hershey’s Kiss Hot Coca Set in honor of their 100th Anniversary, a pillow and a bank all shaped like Hershey’s Kisses! Great inedible options for chocolate lovers who need to watch what they eat. Sweet!

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