Wooden Shoes

Wooden Shoes. Celebrating Dr. Scholl’s Classic Sandal.

Dr. Scholl's classic sandal draws a crowd at Sportie LA.

The vibe of the crowd celebrating the return of the Classic Sandal at Sportie LA on Melrose.

Open bar featuring Blue Ice Vodka kicks the party up a notch. EncinoMom is there for the return of the Classic Sandal by Dr. Scholl's.

Open bar featuring Blue Ice Vodka kicks the party up a notch.

Dr. Scholl's Classic Sandals with the wooden footbed are back and better than ever.

Classic colors, black, white & red – so hard to choose – join a load of new designs and colors. I have my eye on another pair in silver.


The chalkboard


The truck.

Farmer's Belly food truck kept us fed out under the stars.

Farmer’s Belly’s new spin on prosciutto & melon along with an array of good eats cooked to order.

New red Scholl's classic sandals for me. Ah, the California Lifestyle at it's finest.

I love my new red shoes! There were artists on hand to customize my new shoes at the event, but the line was long – although I expect worth the wait.


Where to buy:

You can order your own pair from Amazon.com using our link here. Feel free to shop around. We’ve seen them priced from $19.99 to $123.00 depending on the color. There are lots and lots of options including, polka dots, stripes and cut outs, plus other styles and shoes for men, too. We are big fans of the classic with the wooden footbed. True to size – whole sizes only – width is somewhat adjustable using the buckle. Paint your toes and pick up a pair for a perfect California Summer.

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Wooden Shoes — 7 Comments

  1. These are great!! I used to have a pair of clogs when I was younger, and they were the most comfortable shoes in the world! And, the best part is…the arches don’t get worn down!!!
    • You’re not alone! I’ve had several people tell me their Mom used to wear these. lol I think I bought my first pair at Walgreens!
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