We’ll Always Have Paris

We’ll Always Have Paris, A Mother/Daughter Memoir Interview and Book Review

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If you liked Eat, Pray, Love, you will LOVE this book. If you have a daughter, or a mother, you will LOVE this book. If you like to travel, read, visit museums or have adventures, you will LOVE this book to pieces. Join us for a delightful romp through some of the travel tales shared in this new Mother/Daughter Memoir by Jennifer Coburn: We’ll Always Have Paris.

After reading this book, we just couldn’t resist having Jennifer and her daughter, Katie, on the show. Entertaining and eye-opening this work invokes a new paradigm for Mother Daughter relationships. Coburn’s own Dad died young, at the age of 49. As Coburn faced adulthood and parenthood, a fatherless Mother, she became increasingly fearful of the possibility of her own untimely death. Coburn decided to cram her daughter’s mind full of wonderful Mommie/Daughter memories, just in case.

This delicious interview was filmed at the luscious Riviera 31 Bar and Lounge in Los Angeles. Host Lisa Keating and daughter Lizzie K. chat candidly with Author Jennifer Coburn and her daughter, Katie. Coburn and Katie (now 16) have been taking month long Mommie/Daughter vacays in Europe since Katie was 8 years old. Their stories leap from the pages of this travel memoir with humor and humanity. You’ll love hearing them shared in this interview, too.

Prepare yourself to fall in love. We’ll Always Have Paris may well be a travel memoir, but it reads like a novel. Coburn skillfully manages to weave her story from the fabric of her own coming of age in New York and her adventures in parental responsibility while traveling abroad. Coburn’s open heart is contagious and her story telling is top notch. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself booking a flight to some far flung locale as you cherish your role in making your own memories. Our passports are ready. Paris is calling.


Lizzie K, Jennifer Coburn, Lisa Keating & Katie O


Special thanks to Riviera 31.


The bar at Riviera (France) 31 (California – the 31st State to join the US).


Inside the Sofitel Hotel.


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