Warm Colors Nip The Chill In The Bud

There’s finally a little chill in the air here today and I’m stoking the fires at home with a little candle light! I’ve added a wood foundation piece finished in black to anchor this grouping of pillars and pumpkins. With Halloween coming at the end of the month, I’ve started changing my tabletop displays to black and orange. The City Lights black 10 1/4″ square shown here flips over to hold 9 tealights (makes a great centerpiece for an intimate meal. How about sushi on the coffee table with large cushions on the floor, Sayuri sake and white, unscented tealights in the centerpiece?).

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I’ve used two battery operated wax pillars in this arrangement. I love to mix the flameless candles with real candlelight to maximize the illusion. My ceramic pumpkins from PartyLite add to the warmth with their orangey hue. The one on the left has a Cinnamon/Bayberry tealight burning to add a warm scent to the mix, while the pumpkin on the right holds soy glazed crispy snacks for a little crunch. I’m looking forward to serving soup in these when temperatures really dip. Fun on Halloween with individual servings of my famous black bean chili inside!

The supporting cast includes a simple glass tealight cup (front) and a frosted votive cup embellished with black (on stand at the back). With Mistletoe Kisses tealights inside each, the scent sets the stage for the holidays ahead. (Early, I know, but so romantic, I couldn’t resist).

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