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EncinoMom Unboxes the ViDi Action Camera For Review

Unboxing the ViDi camera at
Love the tiny size of the ViDi at the camera Unboxing for
Large touch screen on the back of the ViDi camera.
Unboxing the ViDi Action Camera for
The pretty ViDi and accessories Unboxed on
ViDi Action Camera review on
ViDi Action Camera comes with car charger, mounting hardware, waterproof casing and a selfie stick.
Excited to test out the ViDi camera's quality for the EncinoMom Magazine review.
The ViDi Action Camera lens is about the size of a quarter!
ViDi Action Camera Unboxed and reviewed by EncinoMom Magazine.
Still from ViDi video footage in low light conditions.
EncinoMom's Lisa Keating uses the ViDi Action Camera with selfie stick in Oatman, Arizona.
Western style shoot out in the streets of Oatman, Arizona.
Love this overhead shot captured by the ViDi Action Camera in Oatman, Arizona for EncinoMom TV.
Over the shoulder with Lizzy Kay in Oatman, Arizona for EncinoMom TV.
Watch the video review of the ViDi camera on
ViDi camera, it's just so darn cute!, pub-2261152276079224, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

We received the ViDi Action Camera to unbox, test and review for you here. We were immediately engaged in the fun when we saw the box! Priced at $99, the camera comes with everything you need;

You can see the camera in action in this video we shot with the ViDi while visiting Oatman, Arizona on Route 66:

We didn’t get good sound on our video shoot, but this was the first time out with the camera. We weren’t speaking loudly enough for the distance we were from the camera. We usually shoot with boom mics and lavs, so we were speaking normally. When we use the GoPro on our shoots, we don’t usually use the sound from that camera either. The idea behind a camera like this is to be able to capture action! We were in pretty windy conditions, too, which is harsh for ANY microphone to capture cleanly.

ViDi sends camera to EncinoMom

Due to bright, bright sunlight conditions – high noon, in Oatman, Arizona – and limited time, we didn’t bother to monitor what we captured with the camera until we took the video off of the SD card back at the office. So there were no retakes or adjustments of any kind. I’m not apologizing for the camera, but am trying to give you a fair idea of what to expect.


You should know, I am not a fussy photographer. We have camera men and women who excel at sound and image capture. I leave the real camera work to the professionals. I’m more like you. If I have my phone in my hand, I’m likely to record the beauty I see around me with a video or quick pic and hope for the best. For every good shot I get, there are likely 30 more on my phone waiting to be deleted.

Palm sized ViDi in waterproof case.

With a modicum of effort, I think you could get some amazing footage with the ViDi. To be honest, I didn’t even look at the operation manual. This is starting to sound like they sent the ViDi to a monkey (no offense to monkeys). I think I’m probably an exact match for a large portion of ViDi’s customer base. I want to get the camera and go!

ViDi rearview in waterproofcase.

I love the results we got with the included extension pole, especially in the overhead shots, which would have been hard to get even if we’d had our camera crew with us! I also found the extension pole footage to be much more stable that I anticipated.

Unboxing the ViDi camera on

The ViDi camera is wicked cute, which shouldn’t be important, but, well, it just IS. Good looks make the camera more fun to use. At this price point, this camera is an ideal gift for teens, bloggers and active adults of all ages.

ViDi camera comes with selfie stick and car charger.

It’s important to note that no one was focusing the camera! Look at the clarity of the footage we got without ANY effort – literally NO EFFORT. We weren’t looking through the camera at all. We just stuck it on the end of the extension pole and turned the camera on. This is as idiot proof as it gets, people!

ViDi beauty shot in waterproof case.

Another feature that we love about the ViDi is that you can take still photos, too. The naked camera, without the waterproof case, is half the size of my phone, so it’s easy to slip into a pocket or tiny purse. We haven’t tested the camera underwater, yet. When we do, I’ll update this review.

The ViDi is photogenic, too. EncinoMom camera review.


The ViDi Action Camera is an affordably priced GoPro alternative. With everything you need to get started, including a car charger, the ViDi comes ready to go! A perfect gift for the action adventurer on your list at $99 we don’t think you’ll find this quality anywhere else for less.

Naked ViDi camera next to a quarter. camera review.

Available for purchase here, using our Amazon Affiliate link. Click here for more information from the manufacturer.
Rear view of ViDi camera without waterproof case. Photo by Lisa Keating for

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