Tween Room Makeover – The Process

Room Makeover; Our Process – A Step By Step Guide

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Join us as our team undertakes a room makeover. We’re upgrading this big girl room, which has already evolved from a baby room with a crib, through toddler bed, to bunk beds. After 10 years of transitioning, this room needed a serious wall to wall makeover to become a great tween hangout with the potential for simple upgrades through the teen years., pub-2261152276079224, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Here’s a panorama shot taken before we started.

In order to transform this girl’s room from its pastel past to a designed den for tween age hangs, we followed a practical step by step plan. Once the design was complete, approved and all materials to execute the design were on property, we kicked into high gear.


Step by step process for the EncinoMom Tween Room Makeover IMG_7199

Every nook & cranny is fully loaded.

Clear the room! This step was much more intensive than we anticipated. Having never cleared the room since moving in more than ten years ago, there was a lot of accumulated stuff on every surface and in every nook and cranny. The only piece exempt from the clearing process was the bunk bed structure, which had been put together inside the room. It could only be removed if we were willing to disassemble it, remove it, return and reassemble it in place. We weren’t willing.


Clean all surfaces. From floor to ceiling and back again, window screens, sills, walls, doors, baseboards and floor, everything needed to be dusted, wiped down, swept and washed. We removed faceplates and outlet covers and taped off the electrical components inside. We removed every hook, nail, and pin and filled any resulting holes in the walls. We were left with a sparkling clean and empty space.


Some old furniture that didn't make the cut in the process of the tween room makeover. IMG_7448

Outdated items were sold or donated to charity.

Sorting the contents. Everything that left the room went out onto the deck for sorting and cleaning. Anything that was no longer loved, useful or necessary was cleaned and tagged for a garage sale. Some items needed work before they could be returned to the room, for example, the bookcases. They were emptied, cleaned and taped off for painting. Anything that wasn’t repurposed, recycled or sold, was picked up by a local charity a few hours after the garage sale. Of course, we generated quite a bit of trash, too!


Tween Room Makeover Process Step by Step IMG_7466

Taped and prepped for painting.

The room was prepped for painting. We took down our brand new shutters, I absolutely love them so I really did not want to paint on them! (You can check out the shutters cost here if you are interested in your own). We taped off the baseboards, doors and door frames and covered the floor and bed with plastic and drop cloths. This is one of the longest parts of the process. Clean, smooth surfaces take to paint the best, so to ensure our success, we spent the time to properly prep all surfaces to be painted. This step is the easiest to scrimp on and the most likely to keep you from attaining the results you desire. Our advice is that you take your time and do this step to the best of your abilities. You will be rewarded with a beautiful paint job that lasts and looks completely professional.


Cut in. We used a 2″ wide angled brush and painted along tape lines in long fluid strokes with an eye on the edge at all times. Spend the extra money here for a good brush. The price difference may be small, but picking lost bristles out of fresh paint will eat up your time and potentially leave you with a messy finish.

PRO TIP: Hold the paintbrush-like a pencil, just above the bristles. Holding the handle in the palm of your hand doesn’t give you enough control for cutting in or edging.

Work away from the line at the edge of the tape, creating a 6″ swath of fresh paint. Be easy with the first coat. Remember, you will be applying at least one additional coat, so work to be thorough, but don’t stress out if you miss a spot. You will need to cut in (edge) along the ceiling, baseboards, door and window frames/trim, light fixtures, switch plates, outlets, and corners. If you are painting the ceiling (we were not) you’ll cut in on the ceiling surface as well as the top of the walls.


Paint by Clark + Kensington from Ace Hardware made our job easy.

We used Swiss Coffee, a lovely, neutral white.

Roll and repeat. Using a roller we filled in the wall color, we used Swiss Coffee by Clark & Kensington from Ace Hardware. We needed a white that would work with the furniture and the shutters, baseboards and trim since we weren’t repainting any of those things. Whites can be tricky to match. With the ultimate in contrast, black as our main accent color, our whites all played together nicely and the Swiss Coffee did a great job of blending the cool white of the bed with the warm white of the shutters. While the first coat dried, we painted the chalkboard paint on the prepped surfaces of the bookcases, outside on the deck. Once the first coat of white was completely dry inside the room, we repeated the cutting in and rolling for a glorious finish in only two coats.



Chalk Board paints requires an extra step! You must cover the surface with chalk after about 4 days and erase to complete the process.

Chalkboard paint. We projected the design for the template onto the wall and taped off the upper edge of the chalkboard that would be under the bed/above the desk. The baseboards and trim were still taped off and the floor was still covered so we could bring in the black paint with a little care, but not too much concern. We also taped the rectangular part of the template, but painted the curves freehand, following the lines of the template and using the cutting in technique and a hand brush to fill in the shapes. The larger area under the bed was cut in and rolled. Again, we waited for the paint to dry completely and then applied a second coat following the same procedure.


In the evening, we projected the frame template and painted the curves free hand.


Template for wall graphic.

Click to open our downloadable template.

Remove and replace. In this step, we cleaned up all of the painting supplies, carefully (and slowly) removing tape and drop cloths. Then we replaced the ceiling light fixture and switch plate covers and installed the new auto-off light switch and gently placed the furniture in the room according to the design.


Detail shot the Tween Room Makeover design implementation process. IMG_7503

The new design called for tossing the lower bunk. The wooden desk was replaced with this modern cast off from Mom’s office creating much more open space in the new floor plan.

The finishing touches. Lastly, we added the new area rug. Here’s something I didn’t know about buying a rug: it’s hard to decide which rug to buy! There are so many choices, and you never really know what’s going to fit in your home and what isn’t, making it extra hard to pull the trigger on spending serious money. However, there is a guide at Https:// that may be able to help you decide what type of rug fits best in your living space if a new rug is on your agenda. After the rug, we hung the shelf and paper curtains above the bed. We added lighting fixtures similar to ones found on As well as this, we added bedding, pillows and finally hung the artwork. We even took a look at this white gloss TV unit, but decided that she was too young for a TV in her room.


Installing Ikea lighting strips is part of the process in our Twee Room Makeover design. IMG_7490

Lighting strips change color for added fun.

Cure Chalk Board Paint, vacuum and enjoy. There is a final step to using Chalk Board Paint, if you intend to use it as a chalk board. It needs to cure UNTOUCHED for about four days to dry completely! The oils from your hands will wreck your freshly painted chalk board, so resist the urge. Use chalk to cover the newly painted (and cured) surface then erase. We only did this on the thought bubble/cloud and over desk/under bed chalk boards, as the frame areas and book shelf backing will not be used as chalk boards.

Next we vacuumed the room really well. There is always a little dust created when you hang pictures or reattach earthquake safety straps, shelving or any other project involving the drill. Also new rugs always need extra vacuuming. Then we took our “after” photos for EncinoMom!


The completed room makeover. This whole process from tween approved design to done was one week. Clearing the room, rehoming unwanted contents, cleaning, prep, painting & moving back in included. #itsmoreworkthanyouthink #butitsworthit

With a budget of only $500 this room was completely transformed into a tween dream bedroom worthy of sleep overs, homework, primping, listening to music and plain old hanging out with good friends. For more product details, design ideas or project how tos check out our links. (details and project how tos coming soon).

This episode of made possible in part by Ace Hardware.

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  4. Wow, the end result was just unbelievable more like magnificent. This was a total transformation and I’m sure the tween loved it. This is really a nice thing to do.
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  8. Great read. Perhaps I can use this as an activity for my niece. I will help her sure but I will encourage her to put her own spin on this.
  9. Very, very nice! I’ve had a couple of room makeovers – mostly due to health reasons – but nothing as elaborate as this. I love the chalkboard idea. I’ll look into it more.
  10. These are great ideas. We need to repaint the whole house and I have no idea what to do yet. Good thing I read about this. I would like to try the wall painting thing so that we do not need anymore frames to mount on the wall for decorations.

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