Tween Room Makeover – The Details

Here are some of the details and products that made this makeover a success. Not only was the “client” thrilled with the outcome, but the results pleased the parents, too! You can do a room design makeover even if you’re renting. Not too sure about that? Submit your questions in the comments below and we’ll share our solutions!, pub-2261152276079224, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Here’s a panorama shot taken before we started.

Tween room makeover.

Here’s the AFTER panorama shot.

The Paint

Clark + Kensington Paint & Primer.

This is the paint we used, provided by Ace Hardware.

chalkboard paint from Rust-Oleum

This is the paint we used for the Chalk Board sections, also from Ace Hardware.

Choosing the right paint for the job is important. We were originally going to use some Simple Shapes Peel and Stick Wallpaper but we found the perfect shade of paint that complimented the room perfectly so we chose to use paint in the end. We chose a water based Clark + Kensington paint and primer in one, in Swiss Coffee with an Eggshell finish. We were only updating the wall color. The trim was in good shape with a long wearing, washable, enamel paint, well applied some years earlier. All we had to do was give the doors and trim a good scrub.

The walls were a different story. They were painted in a lovely yellow, flat paint that had been touched up over the years. The feature wall was also painted with wide pastel pink stripes in a semi-gloss. The effect was very soft and sweet, perfect for the baby’s room, with just enough versatility to last until she turned twelve. Before then, we were able to update the decor with new bedding and art work alone.

We needed a paint with the primer already in it, in order to get the best coverage. Otherwise, the differences in paint finishes and colors would need two or even three coats of paint. We could have gotten away with ONE coat of the Swiss Coffee by Clark + Kensington, but we applied two coats anyway, just to give the room a fresh base.

The Chalk Board paint gave us a super saturated black, that looked fantastic and covered a variety of surfaces well; from the fairly porous book case backer boards, to the slick, metal bed rail and various wall textures. For the areas to be used with chalk, there is a conditioning step that lightens the look of the paint somewhat.

After the paint has cured for 3 or 4 days, you apply a layer of chalk, using the side of the piece of chalk to completely cover the new chalk board. Finally, wipe the board clean and the chalk board is now ready to receive written messages, doodles and drawings. You’ll most likely need to clean up some chalk dust from the floor after this step. We covered the Navy Blue Cloth Couch to avoid getting chalk dust on it while we performed this step.

The Lighting


Close up of desk lamp from Ikea. Photo links to Ikea product page for your convenience.

EncinoMom_tween_makeover_finished05_600Here’s the lamp in place, on a corner of the desk. The geometric curves relate well to the polka dotted rug. The paper lantern feel of the lamp picks up on the ribbed Japanese paper shades hung from the ceiling in tracks for both privacy and a diffused lighting effect in the sleeping loft.

Motion sensor light switch installed.

Light switch upgrade to motion sensor, auto off.

Ikea multi-colored lighting strips.

Installing colored light strips from Ikea next to the window. (Picture links to the actual product we used.)

This light switch has been a relationship saver and it saves energy, too. The image above comes from Amazon. You can purchase there using our link. We love this so much! We saw this at Ace Hardware when we were picking up the paint. We went back to get it when we realized we had just enough room to install it next to the mirrored shoe cabinet.

I would have preferred to have had a little more room to play with here, but was grateful that it fit! That old adage about measure twice, cut once is solid advice!

Anyway, this motion activated switch can be adjusted. Ours is set to turn out the overhead lights after 15 minutes of no activity. This is the perfect solution for a loft bed with a light switch located at ground level controlling the ceiling light. Unless you install a clapper, there’s no way to turn off the lights from bed.

This Lutron Maestro Motion Sensor switchis well worth the $26 and keeps us from having to nag, cajole, plead or turn off the light for our teen every time she leaves her room. In addition to the ceiling light and desk lamp, we installed light strips above the desk/under the bed. The light strips change color, but can also be set to give off white light for additional task lighting when using the desk.

There is additional lighting attached to the ceiling above the bed for reading. We found some amazing high-end ceiling lights at an affordable price by shopping around online and we are so happy with the results. Our ceiling light is dimmable, too and can be used as a night light.

It was also important to us that this bedroom got as much natural light as possible. Therefore we considered installing a new window. In Austin residential window fitters are relatively easy to find online, so if you are considering some replacement windows, be sure to do your research to find a window fitter close to home.

The Textiles

Duvet cover and pillow shamWe paired this Black & White graphic alphabet print Duvet cover with bright red sheets for the private lair above the desk. Finished with a deep shelf that runs the length of the bed to function like a nightstand with a little extra storage space. The Japanese paper curtains hung from ceiling tracks add privacy and hide an unmade bed from the prying eyes of parents. The sleeping area has plenty of space for all the necessities of Tween life.

Accent wall with Chalk Board paint frames, new couch and area rug from Ikea.

This compact Navy Blue fold out couch fit our space perfectly. At $179, it fit nicely into the budget, too. Photo links to Ikea product so you can get a better look. The Turquoise Body Pillow, Red Heart shaped pillow and Zebra print pillow with turquoise trim were up cycled from the old room.

The black and white graphic rug we purchased from Ikea.

This rug helps to anchor the design and integrate the clean geometric feel with the warmer elements like the cottage shutters and hardwood floor. Links to the budget saving rug from Ikea.


Here is a snap of the poster that inspired the palate and feel of the new room design.

You can download the custom template we created to unite the various posters and wall art. But if you are attempting this and don’t feel as creative, it might be better for you to check out well-priced wall art like paintings. We used the Chalk Board paint to create an functional chalk board thought bubble and three faux frames to pull the wall together into a cohesive design element. We painted the entire desk area with the Chalk Board paint, too. Messages and day dreams can be scrawled directly on the wall.

The white bed support rail that runs horizontally across the desk space was painted black, too. It disguises the bed frame and keeps the design intentional. It’s metal and so magnets can hold favorite photos, notes and cards in place. Thoughts? Questions? I’m happy to help.

Total Budget, $500

Including new furniture, lighting, bedding, paint, rug and artwork, we came in under slightly under budget at 3 point paragraph examples essay companies that help you write a business plan effects of a viagra overdose go here producto similar a la viagra custom essay info how do i add attachments to an email on my iphone generic viagra 100mg x 10 (sildenafil citrate) enter site enter dulce et decorum est essay conclusion get link valtrex for weight loss transition statements for essays best university essay writing websites android technology essay enter generic viagra coupon comment faire introduction dissertation economique doxycycline dosage dog pode tomar viagra e depois beber chemical formulas essay cellular respiration graduate assistantship essay comprar misoprostol $474!

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