Tips And Snack Picks For Road Trips

We kick off this episode with a couple of our favorite road trip tips and then launch into an epic test drive of car trip snack picks. Many of today’s tastes are new to market and boast GMO free grains and other health affirming attributes like calorie conscious portions or protein rich chia seeds. You can click on the pictures below to join the video at the point that each product is introduced.

road trip tips for your best vacation everThanks to Barnana. (that’s BAR-na-na, not banana – guess it’s time to wear my glasses!) for your chewy banana bites. We love the coffee ones. This is a super unique fruit treat with a consistency more like raisins or dried plums than those dehydrated banana chips you may have tried in the past.

Barnana’s other flavors include, Chocolate, Coconut, Peanut Butter, and Original Banana Bites. The Apple Cinnamon and Coffee bites we tasted are organic, non-GMO, high in fiber, gluten free; have no additives or preservatives and are naturally sweetened.

road_trip_tips01_blog09Thanks to Wild Garden for sending us your new gluten free snack kits featuring your hummus paired with various kinds of chips. Basically, we liked them all! Whether one’s personal taste runs to veggie chips, pita chips or multigrain crackers, you’ll find your perfect pairing here. Each box contains an individual serving and contains plain or garlic hummus. Unlike grocery store hummus, these servings don’t need refrigeration, which is great for travel. If you’re bringing a bunch, we suggest you remove them from the outer boxes to save space in your bag, tote or picnic basket.

road_trip_tips01_blog06Thanks to Go Chia! for your protein rich chia seed snacks. The Chocolate Cherry ones were my favorite. We also like the idea of packing a little boost into our water when energy flags, but this isn’t great for the driver! We recommend having a responsible passenger do this for you, if you’re tired of drinking plain water on the road.

road_trip_tips01_blog07Thanks to Cosmos Creations Coconut Crunch puffed corn (so light and delicious) and XO Mints (strong and refreshing in a slim tin) for helping us end on a sweet note!


road_trip_tips01_blog08We hope YOU enjoyed watching this episode. Thanks! And welcome to our new subscribers! Video produced by: for EncinoMom.TV


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