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As the new year starts and resolutions, goals and dreams abound, I am struck by the power of little changes that bring big results. Making small choices daily, like choosing water instead of soda, can really help you get to lofty sounding goals when consistently applied over time. Enter Sprouts Farmers Market. We had the opportunity to pop into our local store for the first time last week. If your goals for the new year include providing healthier meals for your family, loosing a few pounds or even saving a few bucks, you’ll find support for these changes right inside the store.

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The first thing that got my attention was the weekly flyer. I started by taking a peek and thinking through what I wanted to make for my family over the course of the coming week. There were lots of specials that caught my eye, so I was off to the store with a list of ingredients to fill my menu plan.

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I’ve recently encountered huge stacks of soda on sale at the entrance to large chain grocery stores. One of the big challenges for me is finding something to replace Coke. Personally, I’m not a soda drinker. I might have a root beer or two over the course of a year. Replacing soda in my diet wouldn’t make much of a difference in my overall health. I get my sugar from wine! My daughter, on the other hand, is going through a soda phase. I was thrilled not to find mountains of Coke and Pepsi when I walked into Sprouts!

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The store was large and clean and chock full of local and organic foods. The fully stocked selection of bulk grains, nuts, beans, granolas and trail mixes was impressive and the pricing seemed extremely competitive. I picked up some delicious trail mix, granola and pistachios.

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The butcher was knowledgeable and was available to answer my questions as well as serve up a fresh package of wild caught salmon. Cilantro was on special, 3 for a dollar, so I grilled the salmon for dinner that night with a cilantro, honey, lime sauce – delicious! I served the salmon with asparagus (less than $2 a bunch) and steamed rice. Fresh blueberries from Chile were on special, four containers for $5. I couldn’t resist. I made a blueberry crisp for dessert. My daughter didn’t even notice the lack of coke!

On my next trip to the store, I plan to try some of the prepared foods offered. I expect to be delighted!

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Thanks to Sprouts Farmers Market for providing us with a gift card to sample the store and share our experience with you here!


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