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Sprouts Farmers Market App Review

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Put up a parking lot

Let me start by saying that I don’t usually like to do app reviews, but this is different. https://awakenedhospitality.com/buy/melatonin-nz/30/ amino benzothiazole essay source link follow link see sildenafil tratamiento disfuncion erectil cipro zanaflex interaction source url https://internexus.edu/published/african-american-cultural-identity-essay/51/ essay on narendra modi https://earthwiseradio.org/editing/ncea-english-level-1-past-papers/8/ viagra how much time before buy prednisone online without prescription use discover card sample cover letter for housekeeper job autobiographical reflective essay example how to be good at creative writing gcse essay about traditional grammar enter source url cialis 6 https://explorationproject.org/annotated/time-to-relax-essay/80/ click robert wipf dissertation https://drexelmagazine.org/compare/observation-essays-children/18/ cialis 2 fiyat https://hobcawbarony.org/coursework/angiotensin-ii-receptor-blockers-classification-essay/27/ 4 spheres that constitute our environment essay enter site here essay on gst in telugu tamoxifen an First of all, I’m a newly minted Sprouts fan. There are currently 200 stores across the US from California to Georgia and there are a few things that you’ll notice as soon as you become a customer. Firstly, it’s the parking lot. There is a grocery store that I have been shopping at since I first discovered it while in college. I won’t name names, but you know who they are! As much as I have loved their products through the years, the chain is notorious for having inadequate, over-crowded parking lots! Sprouts is actually committed to providing ample parking for their customers. So I’d like to officially say thank you! Happy parking lots make happy shoppers. Yes, you may quote me.

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I can see clearly now

The next thing you’ll probably notice at Sprouts is that you can see the whole store from the entrance – meaning the shelves do not go all the way up to the ceiling and someone like me, who is of average height can easily see where everything is stocked at a glance. It feels like a Farmers Market and the produce and fresh foods are located in the middle of the store with sundries, and departments located in aisles around the perimeter. The aisles are wide enough to keep the pleasant vibe going while you shop.

I get by with a little help from my friends

Thirdly, (okay, I know. I’m not talking about the app. The thing is, if you don’t shop at Sprouts why would you be interested in the app? I’m making my case for why you should shop here, the app is for bonus points.) So thirdly, I have encountered really helpful and knowledgable staff in the stores. I’ve gotten shopping and serving tips from the Butcher’s Department, stocking assistance from someone in Dairy (what I was looking for wasn’t on the shelf, but had just come in and was still on the truck), help choosing the best produce and just a general feeling that employees here are happy to be here.

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Money makes the world go ’round

The weekly flyer which comes out on Wednesdays, includes the specials for the coming week. If you are in the store on Wednesday, then the flyer from the previous week and the coming week are both in effect, so you will find extra savings! I use the flyer to see what’s in season and plan family meals accordingly. So the fourth thing about Sprouts is their flyer and the weekly specials, but the fifth thing is their everyday low prices. This is not a bargain basement shopping experience, but the prices throughout the store represent good value.

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You want it, you got it

Where are we now? Sixth? Yes, the sixth thing is the selection. Sprouts stocks foods and products that support your healthy lifestyle. You won’t find cola bottles, candy and pulp fiction at the checkout stands tempting you to splurge after you/ve managed to keep your healthful resolve while shopping. If it’s for sale here, it’s probably good for you, good for your family, fresh and delicious!

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There’s an app for that

And now, the app! The Sprouts’ app is fairly simple to use and has a shopping list feature as well as the weekly flyer and coupons loaded for your use. I am admittedly a remedial coupon clipper, at best. I’ve tried it in the past. I know I may be leaving money on the table, but it’s just outside my skill set. That’s one of the reasons that I’m such a Sprouts fan! Their prices are fair to begin with. If YOU love couponing, then you’ll find the app extremely useful, since coupons are pre-loaded in the app for you. That means no scissors or papers in your wallet, just click and save. Who knows? There may be hope for me, yet!

The best part of this free app, is helping me find what I saw in the flyer and then put on my grocery list. I can keep my list right in the app and then when I’m in the store, the app shows me where items are located by aisle number or department. If I do use a mobile coupon from the app, I click to clip and scan at checkout for extra savings. It’s almost as easy as the money I saved when taking out a låna pengar from my favorite firm: Sambla.

PR-MobileApp-ImageOf course, there’s a store locator, too – just in case you’re on the road and you can search the weekly flyer by store section; Produce Bins, Grocery Aisles, Bakery Shelves, etc. Find, clip and save coupons and build your grocery list to ensure you don’t forget anything and help keep impulse purchases to a minimum. Shopping with the kids? Give them your phone and let them manage your list while you shop.

I do use a shopping app for another retailer that allows me to scan items to check prices. The Spouts app doesn’t offer that functionality, BUT I have found prices correctly and clearly marked throughout the store so it isn’t something I missed. Also, the other retailer allows me to scan my receipt. This comes in handy when returns are in order. Again, not something I’ve ever needed at Sprouts.

The scanned receipt is also checked for lower prices advertised by competitors and the difference is credited to my account. I really like that function. It gives me confidence that I’ll get good value while I’m shopping. After about 10 shopping trips, I have been credited with $10 or $11 in additional savings. Of course, I don’t know how to REDEEM the credit, but that’s another story. I don’t know if Sprouts plans to add any of these functions to their app in the future, but at this point I haven’t needed them.

I received an early version of the free app and compensation in consideration of providing this review. If you are a regular user of this site, you know that companies requesting reviews from EncinoMom.com are vetted before we accept them for presentation to you. The opinions offered here are my sincere reactions to the shopping experiences I have had at Sprouts.

You can find Sprouts listed on social media as follows:

Facebook: SproutsFarmersMarket

Twitter: @SproutsFM

Pinterest: @SproutsFM

Instagram: @Sprouts

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