Special Election November 19th

Election for California State Assembly Seat – Don’t Forget To Vote

Special Election Still from Susan Shelley interview on EncinoMom.

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We caught up with Republican California State Assembly Candidate, Susan Shelley at Taste of Encino for a quick chat. A recent election for the California State Assembly Seat vacated by Democratic Party member Bob Blumenfield saw voters split among some 11 candidates. Consequently, there will be a run-off election held on November 19th, 2013 to determine who will take the Assembly Seat in Sacramento. In this interview, you’ll have a chance to meet Susan Shelley and learn a little bit about her background. The most important point of this interview and post is something we neglected to emphasize during our time onstage together and that is to remind everyone to VOTE! So here’s my Public Service Announcement: Please vote on November 19th!

If you’d like to know a little more about the election, here’s a list of the candidates and the number of votes they received in the election held in September:


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Special Election November 19th — 2 Comments

  1. I cannot for the love of me find out where I am suppose to go to vote in the November 19th assembly race. Is this for 2013 or did it already happen?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Mel,

      Yes. This is for 2013. I just received a call announcing 818/578-3848 as a number to call to get your polling place information! Thank you taking responsibility for voting!


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