Skinny Skinny Spray On Jeans From American Eagle? What?

Skinny Skinny Spray On Jeans, Indigo or Bright Light $49.95

American Eagle Brand Skinny Skinny Spray On Jeans Photo of Product - spoof., pub-2261152276079224, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Here’s some genius level marketing for you! The product shot above and video below showcase the new Skinny Skinny Spray On Jeans from American Eagle Outfitters. When Skinny and Super Skinny are no longer enough, Spray On Skinny takes over. I guess the next iteration will be jeans that you drink, so the Skinny is on the inside! Enjoy this bit of zaniness. I had to watch the video to see what this was all about and I bet you will, too. I look forward to hearing your reactions. Happy April Fool’s Day – a bit early.

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Skinny Skinny Spray On Jeans From American Eagle? What? — 6 Comments

    • Yes! Just a sample of great marketing. We love to share things that make us laugh. That’s why you are so successful, my friend!
    • Frightening, but true! I for one, pledge to the world – for the sake of everyone alive – that I will never even try them on . . . not even in private. Ha!

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