See’s Candies Review & Giveaway

See’s Candies Review and $25 gift certificate giveaway!

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See’s Candies has been producing quality chocolates in California for more than 90 years. Using only the finest ingredients, with no preservatives added, See’s Candies have been a family favorite since my Grandfather started bringing my Grandmother the 2 lb. box of Assorted Chocolates back in the late 1930’s. By the time my Mother was old enough to receive Valentine’s, my Grandfather began bringing See’s Candies home for her as well. Once Mom had children of her own, she worked up to the 2 lb box of Milk Chocolate Nuts & Chews from her Father and the big red heart box from her husband, my Dad.

Once my sisters and I entered the picture we received the smaller boxes from our Father and Grandfather each year on Valentine’s Day. Some of my most favorite chocolates were the Molasses Chips (you can see them in the assortment above, they are the long thin trio of pieces at the bottom of the box), Butterscotch Squares, Chocolate Covered Caramels and the Bordeaux. Back in the day Molasses Chips appeared in the Nuts & Chews Assortment with 2 paper candy cups each holding 2 of the delicious confection. In my most recent box, they were absent from the assortment, but I was able to solve the problem by ordering a box of nothing BUT Molasses Chips!

Another all time favorite from See’s are their lollipops. All of the flavors are good, but the Butterscotch ones are out of this world. See’s also sells them in small individually wrapped pieces, but the lollipops are somehow more satisfying to me. Maybe it’s just because there is more to love. The love of Butterscotch has extended to the next generation and now my daughter enjoys this treat, too. It’s pretty rare these days to enjoy a candy (or anything else for that matter) that was beloved by your Great Grandmother and to know that little has changed. I think it’s quite lovely that our family is connected through the generations in this uniquely sweet way.

I am so delighted to share this giveaway with you and am grateful to See’s for providing us with samples to taste for the purposes of this review. I know first hand that they are sticklers for quality control and it shows up in the product. When I was young, I worked at a small family owned (and extremely popular) donut chain in the San Francisco Bay Area. Rolling Pin Donuts had a product called the Delight. It was as large as your face and made like a cinnamon roll, but without the cinnamon. Instead, the Delights were frosted with your choice of Maple or Chocolate icing and sprinkled with a generous portion of chopped See’s Candies pieces (that’s how it came to be called the Delight). Rolling Pin purchased the See’s Candies that didn’t pass inspection. We’re not talking about anything that you or I might have even noticed, but the standards for See’s Candies were rigorous and each piece had to meet those standards or be destroyed. It is this kind of dedication that is responsible for the consistent high quality that See’s continues to demonstrate year after year, decade after decade.

Another fond memory of See’s Candies is the special chocolate Easter Eggs that my Grandmother would bring to each of us on Easter Sunday. We would cut them into slices even though we all wanted to just eat the whole thing in one sitting! If you didn’t grow up with See’s Candies, it’s not too late. You can stop in at any of their stores and someone kind and lovely will still offer you a free sample of their fine chocolates. This sweetest tradition of all is just waiting for you to introduce to your family.
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Disclosure: We received sample product for the purposes of this review. No payment was received and all opinions are my own. The photos in this article have affiliate links to the corresponding product pages on the See’s Candies website and may result in earned advertising fees if you make a purchase (which we would totally love you for, by the way). There is no fiduciary or other business relationship between See’s Candies and EncinoMom.
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See’s Candies Review & Giveaway — 11 Comments

    • Oh, Stephanie, I’m a lemon lover, too! I just made my first batch of Limoncello – a lemon liquor that’s popular in Italy during the summer (so I hear).
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    • The essence of a Mother comes in every shape, size, color, sex and species. We appreciate all Moms, everywhere! But please – don’t give chocolate to your dog! 😉
  2. Have I been posting in the wrong place all this time? I hope not…
    Well, last comment … one of my other favorite candies at Sees is called Normandie. It’s got almonds in it.
    • Hi Carolsue, No. All of the comments end up in the drawing, so you’ve always been in the right place. I was just told that Normandie is the most popular destination in France for American tourists! Who knew? See’s, maybe?

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