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Versatile accessories are the key to saving money on decorating your home throughout the seasons. Imagine this simple display in your home easing you from summer to fall with these lovely, glass Indian Summer Candle Holders byPartyLite. Pictured here on a buffet with Clementine Clove premium, scented tealights, these warmly colored, leaf-shaped glass bowls are also food safe. In summer, they serve salsas with fiery flair! When leaves start to fall and you find yourself reaching for a sweater, you can bring a warm glow to your tabletop with tealight flames flickering through the red and amber glass as shown above.

Complement your arrangement with the three elegant pillars pictured here which are unscented and completely flameless, although no one will know if you don’t tell them! The Light Illusion LED Pillar Candles are made of wax and come in 3″x5″, 3″x6″, and 3″x7″, with batteries included! (4 AA batteries for each pillar delivering approximately 155 hours of light per pillar).

You’ll love these pillars in your hurricanes, outside on warm summer evenings, then bringing them inside for fall, where they’ll look fantastic in large groups on a shelf or mantel.

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Photo by: Warren Keating

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