Riviera 31

For a swanky night on the town, head over to Riviera 31 located inside of the Los Angeles, Sofitel Hotel. The feel is decidedly French with live entertainment, signature cocktails, lush decor, soft lights and small plates. Order the cheese plate, a champagne cocktail and a trio of desserts to share with your date (or mate) while the venue changes around you, from a cozy conversation spot to a bubbly club brimming with the sounds of French infused jazz. With live musicians providing a soundtrack for your evening reminiscent of the Triplets of Belleville, you’ll swear you spent your evening on the French Riviera.


RIVIERA 15 “rocks” huamani pisco & st. germain, lime juice / muddled green grapes / badoit sparkling water & MONTE CARLO BAY 13 “flute” sparking wine & aperol, fresh blood orange


The scene at the bar.


Trio of desserts, bite sized and beautiful.

Riviera 31 at the Sofitel in West Hollywood, California.

Enjoying the entertainment from the long low table the runs down the center of the room. Á votre santé!

RIVIERA 31 • 8555 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048 • Restaurant 310/358-3979 • Lounge 310/228-2173 • Hotel 310/278-5444

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