Organize It! Tidy Up With Trays

Organize It! Katrina Teeple shows you how to tidy up using trays.

Organize it! Have you ever noticed how any horizontal surface in your house acts like a magnet for mail, paper, books, keys, glasses, projects and all the other flotsam and jetsam of modern living? Here’s a timely tip from Operation Organization’s Katina Teeple, tame it with trays. Not only will you clear the way for putting dinner on the table, but you’ll also be practicing another a major life skill: editing!

Several years ago, I visited the home of a major television star for the first time. The house was very relaxed and unassuming yet there was a tremendous feeling of luxury and elegance. The house was nestled in the hills above Hollywood, oozing California style charm with a central courtyard and lots of Spanish tile. A feeling that each and every object in the home belonged just where it was, overwhelmed me. From wind chimes to window dressings, key fobs to door knobs, each fitting and finish seemed to be chosen with care – curated – befriended by the mistress of the house.

I dance between order and hoarder. It’s a job of daily editing. Some days it’s easy. Some days, well, some days there aren’t enough trays in the world!

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