OluKai Shoe Review

Mahalo, OluKai! Thanks for the new shoes.Olukai high end flip flops spread the Aloha spirit with every step.

You can spread the aloha spirit with every step you take in these new offerings from Hawaiian footwear line OluKai. Available at Nordstrom’s, The Walking Store and specialty Boutiques these flip flops, sandals, flats and boots for Men, Women and Kids, are super comfortable and cute. I got a preview of the new line, including some great new offerings for men. With their signature fold down heel, even laced shoes become slip-ons. How aloha is that?

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High quality craftsmanship and fine detailing are hallmarks of the new line.

Click the picture to see the Wanna Sandals I tried on at the stealthy launch party at the super laid back and slightly hidden Holding Company event space in Los Angeles. (Links to Amazon Affiliate page with more details and price info.)


Close up on the premium full grain leather sandal upper.

These elegant, upscale flip flops offer a supportive foot bed, fine detailing in premium soft leather with non marking rubber outsoles. I wear flip flops everywhere I can get away with it, while they are an inherently casual style, these Wanna Sandals offer comfort with a polished finish. I also tried on the pig skin nubuck Momi cutwork flat in Coral. They are so soft, it’s a little like wearing leather gloves on your feet. They were surprisingly supportive. I should probably pick up a pair, but I shy away from flats. I love the way they look on other women. When I buy them for myself. they usually end up never leaving my closet.


Leather soul with non-marking rubber outsole for comfort and optimal feel.

I’m in love with the new OluKai Ka’iulani – Women’s Heeled Boot that they’ve come out with for 2015. I received a pair of the short boots. I wore them right out of the box and they were comfortable, well fitting, supportive and stylish. Perfect for horseback riding, jeep tours, music festivals and urban morning hikes to lap up a latté on the way to a day of playing tourist in your own town.


Buckle detail and Western patterned stitching on the suede uppers of the Ka’iulani short boot.

The heel on this boot is just right. It’s 2 inches high and fairly chunky. The relaxed Western styling is right at home in California. It’s Western enough to take you to Texas and chill enough to feel at home in Hawaii. I’ve worn my share of Cowboy boots over the years and it seems no matter how much I paid for them, they took time before they felt like mine. There was always a “breaking in” period. It was so nice to have brand new boots feel like my old favorites from day one. I guess that’s what they mean when they say you can spread Aloha spirit with EVERY step!

OluKai Boots

Sturdy zippers allow for easy on and off. 2″ heel height feels just right.


The quality of the materials and design details will deliver miles of enjoyment and walking comfort. These were the perfect boots for my Santa Fe getaway! Look for more details in the upcoming video on EncinoMom.tv. To make sure you don’t miss it you can SUBSCRIBE today! I’d love to share our adventures with you, plus you’ll be eligible to enter our contests and giveaways exclusively for Subscribers to our YouTube Channel.

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OluKai Shoe Review — 30 Comments

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    • Hi Kristin,

      Thanks for letting me know! They are beautiful and beautifully made. I haven’t really walked in them, yet.
      I’ve been wearing the boots everyday!


  2. I want a pair of each because the quality of the materials and design details will deliver miles of enjoyment and walking comfort.
  3. Gorgeous sandals and boots! I wish the sandals didn’t have the toe separator. It tends to give me blisters between my toes!!
    • Hi Kristen, Oh don’t worry they have lots of other styles of sandal! You should check them out, I think you’ll like them!


  4. The thong sandals are beautiful! I just have a problem with thongs. They seem to really irritate the skin between my toes. Not to mention, that I have to have high arches in my shoes, or my feet and knees kill me.
    • Hi Melissa,

      Hey, sometimes you need Summer boots! These work just as well for horseback riding as they do for a day of shopping at the mall.


    • Hi Donna,

      The Wana sandals (thin black one’s) are even more comfortable than they look! They even offer a little support underfoot, unlike regular flip flops.


  5. I love the OluKai thong sandals, and boots! They are without a doubt, the nicest pair of thongs I’ve ever seen! Thanks for the review!
  6. I love the Olukai sandals and boots! They are so clean and posh looking! There should be a giveaway for these items!! I would definitely enter!!!
  7. You are so right. These are cute and look very comfy. The older I get, the pickier I get about my shoes. They have to feel just right. Thank you so much for sharing
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