What if Your Message Could Be Seen and Heard?

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Zeusvision bus promoting Ellen on Hollywood Blvd.

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“Our message is rather simple: The average person or business owner should be able to get their message out to the most influential groups of people, in the most sought after geographic locations.”–Giovanni Wolfgang

Have you ever had something burning inside, something so strong you wished you could shout it from a mountain top? Maybe there’s a cause or a calling, like clean water or food for everyone, maybe there’s something you do, like a product or service that people would love and use, if only they knew it existed – maybe there’s a personal triumph or just a block party that you want to invite the world to celebrate with you.

It can be frustrating spreading the word. Asking friends, family, acquaintances and strangers to like your page, vote for your picture, read your book, come to your gig, support your cause, donate to your kid’s school . . . it can be an overwhelming morass of thankless tasks. And what’s worse, your results may be disappointing and UNDERwhelming. But what if there was a way to make a bigger impact? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get your message out, in a big way, like on a billboard or all across the sky?

What if you could afford to thank your husband for 15 fantastic years of marriage, congratulate your kid who just got into Stanford on a full scholarship, or promote your business in a way that had some real visibility and impact? What if you could be heard above the roar of the crowd? What if it cost less than a hundred bucks?

For the first time, the kind of high profile, splashy advertising generally reserved for deep, deep pockets is available at a price that just about anyone can afford. Even a college student could afford to thank their parents with this new take on outdoor advertising! It isn’t entirely new, it’s just never been affordable for the public, until now. We are so excited about Zeusvision, we can hardly stand it. These electronic billboard buses that you see in big cities are going public. With an led screen on both sides, these buses are a great way to display promotions and advertise your products and services to huge numbers of people. Correspondingly, what this means for you, is that your message can be seen and heard loud and clear, in a big way.

“Outdoor advertising is an elitist business. I want to bring the power of large-scale outdoor media within reach of the average person.” –Giovanni Wolfgang, CEO, Zeusvision

So here’s what’s happening. You can check out this video to get a feel for what we are talking about and you can pop over to this page: zeusvision.com to learn more. If you are one of the first 50 people to pledge $5 bucks, you’ll get a 30 second ad spot! Can I have a Hi, Mom! I love you!? The first Zeusvision public buses will be running in Los Angeles, followed by a list of top cities in the US. Maybe you’ll even see EncinoMom in Times Square! We think it’s about time. What do you think?

Bookmark this page. We’ll post a link here after our ads run and we’ll report our results! If you get a $5 spot before us, please snap one up for us. Just thought you’d like to be among the first to get in on this awesome opportunity!



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