Memory Board Redo How To

Memory Board Redo How To.A tutorial with pictures.


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When we embarked on the tween room makeover there were a couple of easy side projects that cropped up. One was up-styling the cardboard magazine holders to go with the new color scheme. Another element that we wanted to keep, but that no longer worked with the new design was this tired pink and white Memory Board.

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These four tools serve time and again when we get crafty.

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We started by removing the buttons from the front, the hanging hardware from the back, and selecting new fabric, buttons and ribbon. For this project, you’ll need a staple gun, hot glue gun, scissors, a sharpie and small screwdriver. You’ll also need enough fabric to cover the old board with an inch or two extra on all four sides, enough ribbon to ribbon to wrap the board approximately 4 times diagonally and enough buttons to replace the ones you removed (unless you are recovering or painting and reusing those).


We started with this pink and white gingham Memory Board.

This is an important step! Before you recover the front, mark the back with a sharpie at all of the places where the new ribbon will be attached. We marked ours to indicate the direction of the ribbon, too.


Mark the points where you will attach the new ribbon to the back.

Next we lined up our fabric and trimmed to allow for about an inch of overlap on all four sides. For best results, start with a staple in the middle of one edge and pull the fabric taught. Place the second staple directly across from the first. Go back to the first staple and place the next two staples on either side of it with 2″ or 3″ in between staples. Pull fabric taught and repeat on the opposite side. Before completing the first two sides, turn your board 180掳. Repeat the process of adding staples starting from the center of the third side of the board and mirroring your actions on the opposite side. Remember to leave space for reattaching the hanging hardware between your staples.

IMG_0133.JPGWrap corners as you would wrap a gift. Then staple in place going through all layers of fabric.


IMG_0141.JPGTurn the board over and check your work. Fabric should be very tight and wrinkle free.

IMG_0143.JPGNext we attached the ribbon according to the markings on the back of our board. In retrospect, it may have worked better if we had done the two corner to corner diagonal pieces first and then created a square going from the pre-marked midpoints on each side. The challenge is in making sure to have a good over/under, under/over pattern in the ribbon on the front when you are finished.

IMG_0144.JPGWe did the center points of each side first and had to take out a section and do it over because the under/over basketweave pattern didn’t come together properly.



Memory Board how to by EncinoMom.

We reused the buttons and used a Sharpie to change the color to match our makeover.

Next, we hot glued buttons to the ribbon intersections on the front of the Memory Board and finally, we reattached the hanging hardware to the back using the original screws.Viola! The old board is as good as new and customized to match the new decor.

Memory Board how to by EncinoMom.

We reattached the buttons using a glue gun. Make sure the glue goes all the way from the base fabric, through the ribbon to the back of the button. This is necessary to keep photos in place on the finished board.


Close up of the finished memory board.

Memory Board how to by EncinoMom.

Ta da! All done. The Memory Board is ready to rehang.

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Memory Board Redo How To — 32 Comments

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  2. I love these memory boards! I’m hoping to put one in all of my girls’ spaces once we get settled into a new place.
    • Hi Judith, You may also appreciate the memory board kits that are coming to Jo-ann Fabric and Craft Stores in June. We just saw these. They come 3 to a kit. It’s a new line called We Made It by Jennifer Garner. Check back. I’ll be posting pics in the next couple of days. xo Lisa
    • Hi Mai,

      That sounds like a great idea! Would you use hooks or old door knobs or something to use for hanging jackets, etc.?


    • Hi Anna,

      Yes! It works as well in the office as it does in the kitchen (think recipes, coupons, concert tickets, permission slips).


    • Hi Paula,

      Thanks! One thing, I don’t think I mentioned here is to make sure you choose a fabric that is thick enough to mask whatever is underneath, yet still thin enough to work with, easily. I would shy away from shiny, sheer and extremely thick or thin fabrics on my first go ’round. Good luck!

    • Hi Anna,

      It is pretty easy! It’s even easier if you don’t choose fabric with an obvious pattern. The stripes look terrible if they aren’t straight.

      Have fun,

  3. I love these ideas! Very creative! Just what every tween needs, is a memory board for all of the pictures of the friends!!
    • Kristin,

      Yes, tweens love pictures of their friends! I’m thinking of making another one in white on white to organize bits and pieces of info for current projects in the office. It would be fun to create a really playful one for a little kids room, too. It’s a great way to keep pictures of far off Aunties and Grands in their minds so they can pick up where they left off the next time they see each other.

  4. My niece’s birthday is coming up and this would be the perfect gift for her. Thanks for the easy instructions. It turned out wonderfully.
    • Hi Sandra,

      Thanks! It never hurts to try. If you’re really not that interested in DIY, I bet you know someone who would LOVE to do it for you!


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