Maglite Mini Flashlight

EncinoMom’s All American Camp Store:

Maglite Mini Flashlight

Maglite Mini Flashlight

One of the things I love about this flashlight is that the lens unscrews and can be placed on the bottom of the flashlight, exposing the bulb and allowing it to stand on its own. Keep one between your mattress and box-spring at home for emergencies. There are so many different types of flashlights you can choose from, you might be interested in these outdoorempire flashlight reviews.

Later in the year we have a camping holiday planned! I’m so excited! (If you couldn’t tell…) and I’ve been looking at various accessories on Survival Cooking as I’ve heard it’s a pretty handy site for camping/ outdoor exploration equipment.

Has anyone used Survival Cooking before? Please tell me below! 馃檪

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