Limoneira Lifestyles Skin Care Gift Set Review

Limoneira Lifestyles Skin Care Gift Set Unboxing & Review

EncinoMom staff open the Limoniera Skin Care Gift Set on camera.

Limoniera Lifestyles Unboxed. Click the picture to view the Skin Care Gift Set portion of the video.

Thank you to our friends at Limoniera for sending us this fabulous gift set for review. We knew it would be good, because we know their lemons. We had no idea that it would be such a hit! Highly recommended for EnicnoMom’s Holiday Gift Guide.

This lavish skin care gift set from Limoneira Lifestyles contains a full range of deliciously rich products beautifully packaged and ready to convey your deep appreciation for someone special. There are two generous 16 oz. bottles bookending the set, ready to dispense fresh and gentle Lemon Balm Hand Cleanser and nourishing Lemon Hand Lotion made with lemons and avocado and jojoba oil to leave hands soft and pampered.

Working from the outside in, you’ll find my personal favorites next; the facial cleanser and moisturizer. The pair come in convenient airless pump containers with 3.4 oz. of product in each. With daily use, I’m expecting these to deliver a one to two month supply.

The Lavender Avocado Facial Cleanser is extremely mild and gentle and it looks good enough to eat. My skin tends to be a little on the sensitive side and cosmetics can be troublesome for me, since I really need to wear a face full of make up on camera and for personal appearances. The challenge comes in the cleansing. I need a product that is gentle on my skin, yet tough enough to remove my make up. It’s a tall order, I know. This Lavender Avocado Facial Cleanser is doing a great job. Sometimes, I need a second pass to remove all of my mascara, but this delicate product is stronger than you might think. Followed by the Organic Lemon Balm Daily Moisturizer, my skin couldn’t be happier. The moisturizer is light enough to absorb quickly, gently calming, brightening and firming my skin. All of the products in this skin care line carry the refreshing natural scents of their ingredients.

In the center of the box, you’ll find 3.4 oz. containers of  the rich Lemon Avocado Body Butter and naturally nourishing Avocado Mask. The hydrating mask is like a day at the spa when you only have 5 minutes to reboot at home! The mask is cool and creamy to the touch and leaves skin kissably soft and supple. Take the Avocado Body Bar into the shower and let the lather work its moisturizing magic on your whole body before rinsing off. Finish with a generous slathering of the Lemon Avocado Body Butter all over your slightly damp, shower fresh skin to take full advantage of these wonderfully restorative and moisturizer products.

All of the Limoneira Lifestyles Skin Care products are preservative and pesticide free, dermatologist tested and approved. This gift set retails for 175.00. It makes an extremely impressive gift. The pampering products are suitable for personal gifting say for your Mom, (yourself), your wife, sister, daughter, favorite Aunt, Nanny or best friend, or as a great token of your appreciation as a business gift for your assistant or top client. If the price tag is a little high for your new Dog Walker, House Keeper or as a hostess gift, consider a product pairing, like the hand cleanser and lotion, or the Avocado Body Bar with the Lemon Avocado Body Butter.

No matter what your budget, I have to recommend the Limoneira Avocado Honey Lip Balm! While this product comes in the gift set above, you’ll want to order an extra one for yourself. Buy a bunch and give them to everyone your know. Even men appreciate this smooth, instantly softening treat for your lips, especially at this time of year. At only $5, this is a pampering luxury you can afford to share.

You can purchase these products directly from Limoniera:

You can view the complete EncinoMom Unboxed episode by clicking below.

EncinoMom is brought to you in part by sponsorship from Limoneira. We do not receive any compensation for your purchases of any Limoneira products. As always, the opinions expressed here reflect my honest experience with these products. I am under no obligation to recommend these products to you, but I am anyway! -xo Mom
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Limoneira Lifestyles Skin Care Gift Set Review — 3 Comments

  1. Hmmmmmm – this sounds luscious! Especially the lip balm that you recommend. I use lip balm on a daily basis and I have a hard time finding one that isn’t counter-beneficial. Thank you very much for your review.
  2. Hi Dale,

    Men, women and children have all told me how much they love this lip balm, too. I have one in every purse and most of my pockets!


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