Lemon Decorating Ideas For Fall, Lemon Decor

Lemon Decorating Ideas For Fall

Fall Arrangement With Limoneira Lemons From EncinoMom.com and Casa De Flores.

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Lemon decor for warm Autumn evenings outdoors

I love adding lemons to any decor for easy, California style, Autumn elegance. Use whole lemons to create high impact arrangements. Pictured here, paired with burgundy Amaranthus in a long, narrow vase, this looks great on a low table, outside in a conversation area. To complete the look, string little white lights in a tree overhead, or use glow sticks inside of paper lanterns to keep the party going well beyond sunset and into the twilight. Piles of blankets and a fire pit help to extend our (already expansive) outdoor living season. Here in sunny So Cal, the warm days of Fall yield to cool evenings. The chance to wear a sweater is an exciting sign of the changing seasons!

A single lemon used as a vase for Iceberg Roses from EncinoMom.com

Next up, try cutting a small slice off the bottom of a lemon so it will stand on end. Cut a deep circle out of the top of the lemon, as if you were coring an apple and insert a small plastic test tube. They’re not really test tubes, but if you’ve ever received a single blossom from a florist’s shop or grocery store, you know what I’m talking about. They’re those plastic pieces used to temporarily keep individual stems hydrated. They work perfectly as tiny bud vases inside of fruit or squash.

I placed the lemon in a small glass dish, added water to my new “lemon vase” along with a few Iceberg Roses from the garden and a deeply colored leaf for a little drama. These are perfect for individual arrangements to place at each table setting or cluster them in odd numbered groupings at the center of your dining table. 

Use a single Lemon as a candle holder for clear tealights.

Tealight tip.Combining lemons in an arrangement with other whole foods, like oranges, pomegranates and cranberries, can be pumped up a little with candlelight. Cut a small piece from the bottom of the lemon to make sure it will stand up. It’s important that the top is level when you use this tip, to avoid “waxidents”. Take a tealight and mark the top of the lemon with the approximate circumference of the candle using the tip of a sharp knife. Cut out a circle that’s the same size and depth as the tealight and remove the peel and flesh. Insert the candle into the lemon top and arrange with other whole fruits on a glass dish. Gorgeous. Here’s a bonus: The heat from the candle will lightly infuse the air with the mild scent of fresh lemon.

Stately arrangement with cut lemons and Moon Moss create simple California style decor with EncinoMom.

I love this sculptural arrangement that I created with the folks over at Casa de Flores using Limoneira cut lemon ends and Moon Moss. Long, low, modern and dramatic with lots of architectural interest to really capture that California style and add the fragrance of lemon to your decor.

Did you know that scent is the first thing people notice when they enter your home? Natural fragrances like lemon are easy to enjoy and blend well with other foods unlike some scented candles or room sprays. This arrangement is best placed below eye level to fully enjoy its visual impact. essay on let's save our planet click chapter 1 parts in thesis prednisone bee sting term paper website click here follow link follow essays on chinua achebe's things fall apart nera dijeta upotreba viagra step to write an essay organ donation benefits the society essay master thesis unisg generic propecia ok how to write a cover letter for legal work experience see url follow https://mnscha.org/advised/se-puede-tomar-cafe-con-viagra/38/ go site aacifemine clomid for sale https://www.sojournercenter.org/finals/written-essay/85/ https://earthwiseradio.org/editing/syba-pay-website-do-homework-for-me/8/ https://goodbelly.com/rxpack/anna-flagyl-tablet/32/ natural viagra whole foods https://drexelmagazine.org/compare/huck-finn-critical-essay/18/ quais as vantagens do cialis doing homework jokes go https://goodbelly.com/rxpack/deximune-generic-viagra/32/ student council historian speech go here write my biology research paper paper Note: when decorating with lemons if you cut the lemons for your decor they will only stay fresh for about a week. For longer lasting results use them whole.

Gerber Daisies with sliced lemons in water.

Finally, lemon slices arranged to hide stems and decorate the inside of a clear glass vase is always a cheerful addition to a buffet table filled with succulent dishes, refreshing beverages or decadent desserts. Here’s a tip from Nancy at Casa de Flores: use a piece of curly willow inside the vase to help the lemons stay in place. Thanks, Nancy! I knew there had to be a secret.

Thanks to our sponsor Limoneira for providing all of the luscious lemons pictured here and to Casa de Flores for providing the flowers, vases and space for me to play! You can purchase sustainably produced Limoneira Lemons at Albertsons. For more ideas on decorating with lemons watch for our segment on Limoneira’s website or check back as we continue to develop ways to incorporate lemons into your decor throughout the seasons. Besides the wedge in your water, what are you using lemons for?


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