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Channel your inner Katniss! Okay, it isn’t really Hunger Games training, but you can learn to shoot a lifesaver from 50 yards away with a bow and arrow. I’ve seen a nine year old do it! Granted, his father splits his own arrow while it’s still stuck in the bulls eye so there may be some serious genetics involved – or maybe good training, but you can learn to do it, too. And it’s free. Wednesday evenings, Saturday mornings – right in Woodley Park!

Tarzana Aikikai logoIf your looking to hone a skill set more self defense than offense, try Tarzana Aikikai. This Aikido dojo, located on the south side of Ventura Blvd., west of Reseda Blvd. near Walgreens, will have you flipping foes with the force of their own fury. Aikido is a martial art famously practiced by Steven Segal. The discipline includes weapons training and is more aligned with the transformation of energy headed for you than it is about clobbering some guy who made you mad. Check their website for summer camp schedule.

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