How To Tie A Perfect Bow

How to Tie A Perfect Bow

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Tying the perfect bow can be a little tricky. This how to video has been one of our most popular, but we have had several frustrated would be bow tiers complain (rightfully so) that it is difficult to see the hands. So here is a gallery of pictures taking you through the process.

The trick is to use the bottom piece of your tie to create the first loop. The bottom piece is determined by which piece is closest to the box or dress (as the case may be). In the gallery above, you will see in picture number 5 (top row, left to right) that the bottom piece (closest to the box) is in the top portion of the picture.

Once you make your first loop, keep it pinched between your thumb and forefinger and bend the top of the loop across the center of the package horizontally. The free piece of ribbon then moves over the top of your fingers, back toward you covering the first loop as you pass it all the way around, and underneath the first loop. At the same time, you form the second loop by slipping your middle finger into the ribbon and through the space created underneath the first loop.

Gently pull both loops evenly to tighten. You may pull on the ends slightly and adjust the loops to produce a bow that’s just the size you like. If you grew up wearing boots and shoes that close with velcro this may take some doing! Be patient with yourself, tying a beautiful bow takes a minute or two, but once you master this technique you’ll be the one with the fanciest packages and prettiest bows wherever you go.

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How To Tie A Perfect Bow — 29 Comments

  1. I have always been at a loss as how to properly tie a bow. The only way that I have been able to get by is to buy them pre-made and stick it to the gift. Or untie something from Tiffany & Co. and attempt to redo it. Thanks for the tips!!
    • Hi Reava,

      I’m so glad you found this helpful. With all the velcro on kids shoes, a lot of people never learn to tie a bow. I love that you get boxes from Tiffany & Co., btw!


  2. So most people would see the header for this post and laugh, who doesn’t know how to tie a bow. ..
    But for all the perfectionists out there like myself ~ THANK YOU!
  3. Thanks for the tips! I have been tying bows wrong for years! Now, if I can only remember your tips the next time I have to tie a bow, it’ll be great! lol
  4. I used to work with someone who created the fancy gourmet food gift baskets. She tried to teach me to tie a bow and even with the gadget it took me over an hour to get one made successfully. Gift wrapping is not my strength.
    • Hi Jayne,

      lol Hey, we’re all good at different things! That’s why gift bags are so popular. 馃檪


    • Hi Linda,

      You are so welcome! Sometimes a couple of tips make all the difference. I love sharing ways to make things a little easier.


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