How-to Make A Heavenly Bed

How to make a heavenly bed.

I’m not sure why some people are so good at this and others don’t seem to really have the knack, but sadly, I fall into the later group. Sure, I know what I’m supposed to do to make a heavenly bed, but somehow my bed making skills just don’t measure up. My mom makes a great bed, The Four Seasons makes great beds and Steven Whitehead, the guy in this video, shows he has what it takes.

If you’re like me, you’ll enjoy watching this short video to see how you might improve. I don’t take the time to fold and tuck in the corners at the foot of the bed as demonstrated here, so I think I’ll try that! Of course, Frette linens could hold the secret to a luxurious sleep nest. (Curious? Here’s a link to set of Frette linens I found on Amazon – Frette Charme Cotton Sateen Bedding Set King Set White.)

When I was newly married I found myself at a department store white sale. I loaded up with the most fabulous duvet, sheets, and pillowcases I could find and headed to the register. It is known that bed sheets can really improve a beds comfort, so I was really excited to get them home. However, when the total was 3 times what I expected it to be – not everything was on sale – I was too embarrassed to tell the sales woman that I couldn’t afford the purchase. Instead I whipped out my charge card, swallowed hard and headed home with every intention of boomeranging back to the store the next day with a massive return.

Once I got home, my husband was still at work, so I decided to just SEE how the bedding would look in our room. The next thing I knew, I had opened everything, made the bed, fallen in love all over again and had no chance what-so-ever of repackaging and returning my bounty.

Lucky for me, my husband found the new sheets to offer the most amazingly comfortable night’s sleep, so all I had to do was quit smoking and eating so I could pay off the sheets without impacting our newlywed budget! I joke of course but quitting smoking was made easier by vaping because it gave me my much needed nicotine! And it was also made affordable as well by using these pax coupon codes. Those sheets and that duvet ended up lasting more than ten years – longer than many marriages – and was helped by the fact I stopped smoking so it didn’t stain or leave a scent on the material. The vaping really helped so I always use to check out the mod reviews from License to Vape to see more about vaping.

Thankfully, I’ve figured out how to tell a sales clerk when something is more than I want to spend. I know the value of a good night’s sleep, a happy husband and great sheets. And I don’t miss smoking, at all!

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How-to Make A Heavenly Bed — 3 Comments

  1. Can this video be forwarded? I love it.
    Also, I wish you had more videos, with different bedding and pillow ideas. I personally use second flat sheet. Depending on the time of the year, I do flat, summer comforter, cotton blanket, flat sheet. as much as I love my bedding (which I always purchase on One Kings Lane fantastic bedding sales!), I do wish I could make my made bed LOOK better!
    Jamee Brennan
    • Hi Jamee,

      Yes! You can use the share icons at the bottom of the article (facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, Twitter, or email) to post this, or you can use the link or embed code directly from the YouTube interface.

      As far as more bedding videos, I’ll put it on our to do list! Thanks for the feedback.


    • P.S.

      If you’d like to send us a photo of your bed maybe we can have our designers offer some suggestions. That would be a fun article, don’t you think?

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