How to Hold a Chef’s Knife

How to Hold a Chef’s Knife – Quick Tip on California Living

How to Hold a Chef's Knife, video tip on

You may want to pick up your favourite knife before watching this video to see if you know how to hold a Chef’s Knife correctly. If you don’t have any, but want to practice, you could either use any old knife that won’t have the same impact or you could look into a site like to purchase a brand new set. Once you view the video you may not be able to remember how you held your knife! Watch this quick video tip to learn how to properly hold a large French Chef’s Knife with Chef Liz Alexanian from Studio City’s Cook LA. To protect your fingers while you slice and dice, use the Bear Claw, a technique for keeping stray digits safely out of the way while holding or feeding foods to your knife blade. These grips may feel awkward when you first try them, but with practice they will become second nature and you’ll be a lot safer in the kitchen.

Remember a sharp knife is actually safer to use than a dull knife! Dull knives encourage you to apply more pressure when cutting and can easily lead to accidents. If your knife is blunt, use Sharpening Whetstones to sharpen it properly. If you don’t feel confident trying this at home, by all means take a knife skills class. Not only will you learn valuable skills, but you’ll be able to practice with the supervision of an experienced professional. Knowing that you are working safely with your kitchen knives will bolster your confidence and make you a better cook, too.

Watch for upcoming episodes featuring cutting tips, knife sharpening and honing and more! What kind of cutting board do you use? Your choice could dull your knife! Listen closely as Liz tells you what type of cutting board it is, near the end of the video. Don’t feel like cooking tonight? Download our exclusive coupon from Daphne’s California Greek, or book your Easter ChampagneBrunch at the Sportsmen’s Lodge Events Center, two of EncinoMom’s proud sponsors.

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