Hollyhock House

The Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece, Hollyhock House, reopened on Friday, February 13th, 2015, after a 3 year long restoration project. We enlisted the help of several contractors and home renovation specialists including several roof installation companies throughout the build, and worked with external suppliers to help get advice and guidance on best practices. Getting quotes from as many different sources as possible is essential when it comes to renovation works. As part of an ongoing effort to help maintain and continually renovate the building, we are currently in the process of identifying and contacting external renovation companies such as Streamlined Contracting.

Built for Aline Barnsdall as part of her vision for an arts center, this was Wright’s first foray into Los Angeles. Now the property is one of 10 created by Wright to receive the prestigious distinction of being nominated to UNESCO’s (United Nation’s Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage List. Hollyhock House along with nine other buildings by the architect, comprise the first works of modern architecture to be nominated for such designation, a feat that has taken concerted effort over the last decade. You can see the other properties here: Frank Lloyd Wright UNESCO nominated buildings.


The living room and fireplace at Hollyhock House. Doors open to a view of the ocean in the distance.


Entering the living room with it’s custom furniture and screens, all designed by Frank Lloyd Wright ,took my breath away.


The couch in the living room has tables and chairs built into the sides and back.

One of the masterful aspects of note at the Hollyhock House is the flow of light and air through the property. Situated in Barnsdall Art Park at the top of the hill, the gentle breeze flows through the house making it quite comfortable on a warm day, even without air conditioning. There is something very pure here. Inherent in the design is a seemingly effortless integration of all of the elements of the environment. The views, the site, the air, the light, the materials all playing together in a symphony of textures to delight the senses. You can see clearly to the ocean from parts of the property and the Griffith Observatory is prominently framed by the Majestic Designs windows above the kitchen sink, even though the observatory was merely a dream at the time the Hollyhock House was built.


The paneled dining room with custom chairs, table and built-in cabinets with a perfect complement of windows to circulate light and air and stimulate conversation.


Chair back detail.

The details throughout the property are inspiring. The movement and reflections of water, the play of light, the custom furniture all designed by Wright combine to create such a feeling of grace and flow and beauty that even a mere visit to the house will uplift your spirits and elevate your mood. One can only imagine what it must have been like to actually have lived in this home on the top of the hill. One of my favourite details is the beautiful ebony windows with leaded glass and stained glass detailing, without a doubt.


A light filled corridor with windows out to the inner courtyard.


Love this bookcase detail which includes a frame for a treasured piece of art.


Couldn’t really be called the Hollyhock House without hollyhocks, right?


Formed cement is used heavily throughout the property as a structural and aesthetic element.


Leaded glass and stained glass details abound.

Get more information on visiting the Hollyhock House: HollyhockHouse.net You may be interested in knowing about ongoing events in Barnsdall Art Park or our experiences with the theatre and LA Opera Camp or the Rodin Exhibit at the Art Gallery also located here. If you haven’t visited, add it to your calendar. Plan a picnic or walk in the park. Perfect for families, lovers and gathering with friends.

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Hollyhock House — 19 Comments

  1. The Hollyhock House is beautiful! I especially love the corridor…filled with light! And the flow-through of the entire house is simply gorgeous!!
    • Hi Kristin,

      I agree completely. I also love the reflecting pool/fountain on the East side of the interior courtyard. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if to spend the night?

      Sweet dreams,

    • Hi Nikki,

      Me, too! There is a feeling to this house that eludes the camera and defies description. I hope you get the chance to visit Hollyhock House in person.


  2. I don’t love Frank Lloyd Wright but there are a few details in that house that are really lovely! I especially love the bookcases.
    • Hi Paula,

      Good luck with your studies! It feels amazing to be inside of this space. The flow of air and light through the property are palpable and noteworthy. Oh, yes, it is quite beautiful, too.


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