Help Me Organize My Stuff! With Wine Boxes

Help Me Organize My Stuff! With Wine Boxes

Watch this video with host, Katrina Teeple of Operation Organization, as she shares a great tip for reusing and repurposing wine boxes. Besides the ideas she shares in this episode of Help Me Organize My Stuff! there are tons of additional ways to use wine boxes in your home to conquer clutter and dial in some style at the same time. Some of our ideas are pictured below.

Here in California, we love our wine and the wooden boxes they come in can provide additional hidden storage. I have one wine box with a sliding top that I use for art supplies like, glitter, stars, stamps, and metallic pens. A larger open box, can wrangle flip flops at the front door or a single box from a bottle of champagne can keep the unsightly, unsavory or downright dangerous personal effects hidden from prying eyes or curious kids in the master bathroom.

I’m sure you’ll come up with dozens of great ideas of your own. Please share them with us! Here’s another thought, if you want people to open the box keep the top clear, like we did with guest soaps (below center). For items you’d prefer to keep hidden, but handy like razors, tampons, matches or anything that doesn’t add to your decor – top your box with a small plant or collection to deter unwelcome opens.

We topped a wine box containing razors with a collection of perfume bottles (above left) and candles and matches are discreetly kept tank top with an African Violet and small framed photo arranged on the wine box lid.

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Photos by Lisa Keating
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