Rules of Engagement, 3 Steps To Halloween Candy Management

How to Handle Your Haul

Blurry photo of Halloween Candy in blue bowl by EncinoMom's Lisa Keating.

Taste the Rainbow. 3 Steps To Halloween Candy Management.

Living in a house full of candy monsters, it has always been obvious to me that Halloween requires a strategy. The first step is to serve a nutritious meal before marauding the neighborhood for sweet treats. Step two, while not popular, especially with older kids, is to give out small gifts to Trick or Treaters like stickers, pencils, flashlights, notebooks, balls, rings, tattoos, etc. rather than candy. Step three involves intake management: No eating the “haul” until it has been edited. For example, we confiscate all candy that isn’t age appropriate. At our house that means if you aren’t old enough to walk, you don’t get gum!

My favorite technique for handling the huge influx of sugar is to divide and conquer. We encourage willingly splitting the candy with Mom and Dad and donating the rest. There are lots of options for surrendering excess candy to support worthy causes. Our local elementary school has an annual candy drive right after Halloween. The candy that is collected is donated to our soldiers stationed overseas. Another favorite is Dr. David Shannon, D.D.S. of Natural White Smile. Dr. Shannon has a Halloween candy buy back! From November 1st through the 5th, he buys back your excess at $1 per pound and donates the recovered candy to the USO.

How sweet it is!

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