Halloween Backyard Burial Ground! Pool To Ghouls In A Day

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Are you overseeding your grass? It’s that time again. Small problem: You don’t want Trick or Treaters trapsing across your delicate Terra Infirma! Here’s a Halloween tip for those muddy, barren spots in your yard (with or without the tender new blades of grass

This summer, we put up an above ground pool to beat the heat. When the nights turned cool and leaves began to fall, we returned the scarecrow to his spot near the street to herald the changing of the seasons and welcome the kids back to school. Reluctantly, I had to admit, it was time to take the pool down. “Goodbye, Summer. Goodbye, Pool. See you soon,” my heart cried.

Then suddenly, Halloween was looming and we had an 18′ circle of mud in the backyard that needed new grass. How would we keep people from trampling the tender new shoots at our Halloween Party?

AHA!!!!!!!! The backyard bone yard was born!


Now that’s just plain spooky.

Graveyard video how to tips. 

Photos by: Warren Keating

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