Full Moon Leaves EncinoMom Without Water In The Rain?

This picture of water burbling up out of the middle of the street was snapped last night right after the great white full moon took cover behind the clouds, disappearing completely, and just before the clouds burst open with record breaking rainfall!



EncinoMom is high & dry today thanks to A-Quality roofing AND a broken water main! Water, water everywhere . . . OUTSIDE – due to the big storm – NO water inside – due to the new ridge caps on the roof. Yeah! Thank you Javier Ascarrunz. INSIDE – we are completely without water. Yep, no showers, no laundry and NO COFFEE!

So glad we recently got drinking water samples from Harvey Branman and his Kangen water. The water samples are gone, but we refilled the bottles from the tap last night before DWP turned off the water in our neighborhood.

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