Foot Fairy iPad app – As Seen On Shark Tank

Foot Fairy iPad app

As seen on Shark Tank

by Lisa Keating

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Are you a tech savvy mom with a wee one at home? You will love this new iPad app from Dr. Shoe Mom! This app, developed by two working moms (a podiatrist and a therapist), measures your children’s feet faster than you can say, “are those shoes too tight?”! Of course, if you are looking for additional, specialist services, like those offered by podiatry kansas city practices, then you may want to seek professional assistance and even book an appointment with a podiatrist near you.

We received a copy of the Foot Fairy iPad app at the offices of EncinoMom and were immediately struck by what a great idea this is. If you’ve ever been in Target trying to figure out what size shoe to buy for your non-talking toddler, you know what I mean.

Shoe shops with employees to measure tot’s toes exist, but like the Hope Diamond, they’re rare, pricey and not necessarily readily available in your area! You want your kids to have shoes that fit and support their feet, but waiting in line to get an informed opinion on their shoe size is often not an option – even if it does come with a free balloon.

At $1.99 you can snap this app up in a heartbeat and thank me in the morning. The app is also cute and extremely easy to use. Once your little one’s foot is measured (accurately measures up to shoe size 13 1/2), you have the option to email your child’s foot scan – great if Grandma is out shopping in another time zone and you’re toting your tot to Gymboree! Added bonus: the app takes you right to Zappos, if you’re ready to shop online.

Love this time saver! Gift it to your girlfriends when you go to their baby showers and send shoes every year on the baby’s birthday. Foot Fairy is EncinoMom approved!

Photos above click through to iTunes for your convenience. EncinoMom is not affiliated with Foot Fairy or its creators. You will notice that all of our reviews are positive. There’s a reason for that. While we receive many products to review, our policy is old-fashioned: if we don’t have something nice to say, we say nothing at all.



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