Financial Alchemy by Morgana Rae, Book Review

Financial Alchemy Book Review

Make Money Fall in Love With You – Best Seller by Morgana Rae

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Financial Alchemy Book Review:

Are you looking for a new relationship with money? Tired of the stress and struggle, the worry that furrows your brow, disturbs your sleep and makes you seem like you’ve doubled your dose of unhappy pills? Unh-huh. It happens. If Money is making you crazy, Morgana Rae’s Financial Alchemy may be just what your relationship needs. Yes, you have a relationship with Money . . . for better or for worse.

This Best Selling new book invites you to “Create a New Relationship with Money.” Morgana’s ideas are fresh and inspirational. She shares from her heart and is very clear about how to quit dancing with your “Money Monster” and begin a completely new way of being with Money. With plenty of practical advice and structure to guide you through a year of transformation, Morgana’s compassion is palpable and the results shared by her clients are nothing short of miraculous.

This is not a book as much as it is an itinerary for a trip – a trip where you fill in the details of your journey as you go. Make no mistake, this “Self-Guided System of Transformation” demands your time and attention and I submit, you deserve it. You may begin to notice changes immediately (it’s completely addictive), you may even find yourself raving about Morgana’s work to complete strangers. It’s okay. Most of us could probably use a little Financial Alchemy, especially those of us just starting out in business.

The book also comes with an audio download “Six Proven Steps To Be A Money Magnet” and there’s lots of support available on Morgana’s website: I have to admit, I have personally begun to make adjustments in my relationship with Money and it shows! You can purchase the book Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation (Volume 1) by clicking on the link. It will take you directly to the page with the book on it. You can read other reviews there as well – no surprise – they are all raves!

About the Author: Morgana Rae

Morgana Rae is a Best Selling author, owner of Charmed Life Coaching, was named one of 2012’s Top Women in E-commerce by WE Magazine and has been featured on ABC-TV, PBS, NPR, FOX News Radio, United Press International and The Wall Street Journal online. As a “thought leader” on the topics of Wealth and Relationship, Morgana has joined the ranks of Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and John Gray, to share her expertise.

From her website: “Morgana’s Financial Alchemy books, CDs, magazine articles, and classes have impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Morgana writes, speaks, and coaches from a desire to empower idealistic entrepreneurs, coaches, authors and artists to have a big impact in the world… and to heal the rift between heart, spirit, and money.

* Read some of Morgana’s client stories, in their own words, at”


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