Falling Is Stoping; A Lesson In Skateboarding

Hey, Falling IS stopping!

Santa Fe Skate School sign

Introductory lesson at Santa Fe Skate School

Join us for a beginner’s skateboarding lesson at Skate School in Santa Fe, New Mexico with Joe Lehm. I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about getting on a board yourself, but believe me, if I can do it, you can do it! It’s a lot of fun and a good workout, too. I’m so grateful to Joe for sharing his expertise with us. I would never have been able to do this much without getting the fundamentals from an expert!

When you watch the video, you’ll notice that Lizzy K. is wearing Converse here. These are the preferred shoes for learning to skateboard! Know why? It’s because they are flat and you can feel the board beneath your feet. Running shoes and other sports shoes with thick, supportive foot beds are not as well suited to skateboarding!

Safety equipment is super important at Skate School. As Joe says, “You may only need your helmet one day a year. You just don’t know which day that is!” The secret to a long skateboarding career is safety first. When you’re just starting out, choose a longer board. It will give you more stability. Short boards are better for tricks.

Skateboarding lesson skateboard_blogpic02

Ensuring a good fit for your helmet helps keep your brains inside your head!




At the Skate School, there is actually a professional skate board team! After our lesson, one of the members came by for a little ramp time. Just warming up he was going all the way to the top of these ramps. You may never acquire the skill it takes to perfectly execute some of the skateboarding tricks you’ve seen in competitions and YouTube videos, but at your very first lesson you can learn to:

1. Push
2. Stand
3. Steer
4. Step Off

Skateboarding lesson skateboard_blogpic04

Learning to fall.

Skateboarding lesson skateboard_blogpic03

Yes. There is a right way to fall.

Skateboarding lesson skateboard_blogpic05

Learning to stand on the board and determining whether or not you’re a goofy foot (like me).

Skateboarding lesson skateboard_blogpic06

Step by step instruction and a little hand holding help a lot!

Skateboarding lesson skateboard_blogpic09

The fun stuff, learning to push.

Skateboarding lesson skateboard_blogpic08

Learning to steer!

skateboarding lesson at skate school

Learning to look where you’re going (instead of at your feet)!

We also learned to:

Fall on our knees (which may also be a way to stop)
Determine whether or not we are “goofy foots”
Adjust our feet on the board
Roll over a change in terrain (go up or down a small ramp)

That’s a lot for a first lesson, don’t you think? We feel confident that we could learn tons from Joe! You can get more info on Skate School at: http://skateboardsafety.com

Skateboarding lesson skateboard_blogpic11

This goofy footed skateboarder gets a high five from Joe Lehm, instructor & owner of Skate School.

Skateboarding lesson skateboard_blogpic10

Click to watch the video & learn more tips from Joe.


Skateboarding lesson Santa Fe Skate School Grad Sticker

Santa Fe Skate School Grad Sticker!










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Photos by: Warren Keating

Special thanks to: Joe Lehm, Santa Fe Skate School and John Feins, TOURISM Santa Fe.

Video produced by: http://EncinoMomProductions.com for EncinoMom.TV


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