Ecos Unboxed

We unboxed these Earth friendly items from the Ecos and Baby Ecos product lines. We discovered that Mike the Mixer is already using Ecos products in his home and gifted the Baby Ecos products to my sister to try out in her Day Care Center. She runs a tight ship, and while the children are lovingly cared for, the premises is spotless. We are looking forward to hearing her report in the new year!


Trying out the Fruit & Vegetable Wash.

In the meantime, we tried out the Ecos Fruit and Vegetable Washon our apples for this baked apple recipe. The apples seemed to have been waxed because the surface felt cleaner to touch after washing with Ecos. While I anticipated a change in the flavor of the produce, there was none. I did a blind tasting with some kids who were over to watch a movie. I washed one half of the apples in tap water and followed the directions on the label to wash the other half of the apples. Each apple was then sliced and presented to the kids for tasting, with a simple taste A, taste B which one tastes better format? Everyone agreed that there was no difference in the flavor of the apple slices. P.S. They liked the baked apples, too!

We’ve also had the opportunity to use the Earth Friendly – OXO Brite Color Safe Whitener & Brightener For Laundry & Stain Removal. We’ve used it in two ways. First we added a scoop to a regular load of whites. Since this was completely unscientific, you’ll have to just trust my impression that the laundry seemed a little brighter and felt fresher. We also tried to use the Oxo Brite as a bleach substitute on a canvas bag upcycle project that Lizzy K. is working on. Unfortunately, the project was too tough and we’ve resorted to bleach. I would love to replace bleach at home, but there are a still few jobs where I haven’t been able to find a suitable replacement. So for now, the bleach stays in the cupboard.


Looking forward to trying all of the products, especially the laundry detergent and dishwasher pellets! You can watch our attempt at making our own at home! Just click the picture.

I used the Baby Ecos Stain & Odor Remover as a replacement for Dryell. I took the dryer bag and added 4 or 5 sweaters and wool scarves that needed some freshening. Where there was odor, I sprayed the product directly on the inside of the fabric. The sweaters were not particularly soiled and any surface spills were spot treated before I added them to the dryer bag. I sprayed a clean washcloth with the Stain & Odor product until it was damp, not drenched and added it to the bag. Zip. 20 minutes on extra low and my sweaters and scarves were refreshed and ready to wear again.

Here are my snaps from my trip to the local factory (below). Ecos has a handful of plants around the country to reduce the impact of shipping products long distances. I had the opportunity to meet with their chemists and observed how committed they are as a company to ensuring consistency across their product line regardless of the plant of origin. This is a family run, California company, striving to deliver sustainably produced products in environmentally conscious facilities dedicated to walking their talk. We even saw them at the opening of the new Discovery Cube LA, where they are helping to educate our kids on the importance of recycling, stewardship and sustainability!


Led by Ecos’ chemists, we started our soap making session with safety goggles.


Here are some of the ingredients in our custom EncinoMom Whole House Cleaner.


On the roof of the facility, we checked out the solar panel installation which currently provides 60% of the power needed to run the plant.


Every effort is made to minimize waste.


Not surprisingly, the plant is squeaky clean!


If it’s inside the bottle it’s on the label.


This labeled table is in the employees outdoor break area and is made from a large wooded spool. There is a green space, too with a small herb garden, helping to keep the good feelings going and growing throughout the company.


You can watch the Unboxing video in it’s entirety by clicking this picture.


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