Develop Design Ideas For Your Home, Ikea’s New App

Develop Design Ideas For Your Home With Ikea’s New iPad App

This new design app from Ikea let’s you scrapbook on your iPad using images of products from Ikea allowing you to virtually develop your own design ideas for your home. The app is free and available on iTunes. You can watch the video above to see the app in action. This is a lot more fun and visually satisfying than their in-store kitchen cabinet design suite. Titled Klippbok, Swedish for scrapbook, the app has user friendly features including the ability to save your ideas and share them socially on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Guest Room Design Idea created using new Ikea iPad app.

This app is much closer to a scrapbook app than an actual design tool. It allows you to compile just the right combination of Ikea products to give you an idea of how your design might work. Actual placement and scaling of objects is limited. For example, you can choose a rug or bedding, but you won’t be able to place them realistically. As you can see above, I tried to place pillows on the bed, but it is impossible to place them between the headboard and the foot board. You can place objects in front of or behind each other and you can flip, scale and rotate, too.

Design ideas collage created with Ikea's Klippbok.

Here’s an example of using the tool for design inspiration rather than furniture arrangement. It’s a ton of fun to play with a color palate (although Ikea’s colors are already edited so you’re pretty safe). I create design inspiration boards whenever I take on a decorating project, landscape design or even when contemplating a move, vacation or lifestyle upgrade. I find collage to be a very powerful tool for visualization and it can be really useful for weeding out bad ideas, too! Have fun with this. I predict, once they add bunk beds and more features for kids rooms, it will be hard to wrestle your iPad back from the budding interior designer at your house!

Click here to download the free app:

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