Deepak Chopra – Interview Video & Book Review

“What Are You Hungry For?” by Deepak Chopra M.D.

plus exclusive video interview reveals the most important member of the family!

Mindfulness. Think about it. Take a moment and imagine sharing a meal with a thin friend. What is it that defines their attitude toward their food? I’ll bet you’ll find mindfulness at the heart of their behavior.

Being mindful takes a lot of practice, mindful with eating, mindful in life, mindful with friends and family, it all adds up to your own mental wellbeing. There are some who achieve this level of mindfulness by trying to calm their everyday stressors, this can be done through things like marijuana, which would get you searching for dab rigs for sale online, or you may go for other stress-reducing ways, talk to your friends about their ways.

When I think of my friends who appear to have mastered the art of eating without gaining weight there’s one trait that dominates my mental pictures. My thin friends are mindful. There may even be a correlation between their level of mindfulness and their physical thinness. Just to be clear, I’m referring to mindfulness while eating. I’m innately attracted to mindful people so a lot of my friends share this quality, but there’s a distinction between those who express this attribute while dining and those who don’t. It’s possible to focus on food without focusing on the experience of eating. If you’re a fellow foodie you know what I mean.

Personally, I could stand to shed a few pounds, but never seem to make the effort required to do so. Of course I’ve tried diets that restrict calories, carbs, or food combinations, but these have always been short term solutions. When I take the time to really experience the full process of eating, rather than just focusing on the flavors (for example), I find that loosing weight is effortless. Simple. Unfortunately, simple doesn’t equal easy. I do manage to be mindful enough to maintain my weight, but for lasting change and optimal health, I need to step up my game. In his new book, “What Are You Hungry For?” Dr. Chopra encourages a deeper journey.

With exercises for your mind and deep questions that drive you toward answering your true hunger, this book quickly leads you beneath the surface of your relationship with food. I had the opportunity to catch up with Dr. Chopra at LYFE Kitchen in Culver City, California to chat about his book and the synergy found at this burgeoning chain of restaurants supporting a healthful lifestyle in a fast casual dining format. LYFE is committed to delivering heath affirming foods in LEED Certified environments.

It seems Dr. Chopra, LYFE Kitchen and I have a common mantra: Sustainability. So far I’ve gently released 7 lbs. of unsustainable body weight. With an eye to maintaining this more healthful weight and lightness of soul, I think I can do it. A positive attitude and some determination paired with a little help from the mindfulness exercises in this book and great food from my friends at LYFE Kitchen will make simple . . . easy.

What Are You Hungry For?: The Chopra Solution to Permanent Weight Loss, Well-Being, and Lightness of Soul is available from your favorite bookseller. LYFE Kitchen is open in Palo Alto, Tarzana, Culver City, California and Chicago, Illinois. West Hollywood opens in 2014. Where would you like to see a LYFE Kitchen?

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Deepak Chopra – Interview Video & Book Review — 6 Comments

  1. About LYFE, I ate there with a friend it try it out. Had to request they turn down the music and the first response was a, “no, they couldn’t.”, but finally did. Acoustics were bad as more people were seated. Salad Serving was very scant in size. We gave up trying to have a relaxed conversation and left sooner than we might have if we had not felt jangled by the noise. I won’t be returning as it wasn’t ‘t the health giving environment I expected.
    • Hi Jan,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your experience at LYFE. I’m curious. Which location did you visit?


  2. Hello Jan,

    I am so sorry to hear about your experience during your visit at Lyfe Kitchen. We pride ourselves on taking care of our guests in any way we can. I will definitely follow up with my team to ensure the music level is at an appropriate level, so that all guests can enjoy their conversations. In regards to the salad, if you have a second to talk, (310)507-7841, I would love to get more specifics to validate the dish was prepared properly.

    Jan, we absolutely understand that our guests have many choices and we know the value of everyone that comes through our doors. We encourage feedback at anytime, so that we may ensure a great experience. Your comments are taken very seriously and I want to thank you for visiting Lyfe Kitchen and taking your valuable time, getting us this feedback.

    I look forward to speaking with you soon.

    Ken Hall
    General Manager
    Lyfe Kitchen

    • Thanks, Anna! I strive for honesty in my reviews and only accept products and services that I expect to enjoy. Whether it’s me or one of my writers, we don’t write anything when something doesn’t measure up. Warmly, Lisa
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