Crock Pots For The Holidays

I recently saw tPhoto of 3 crock pots in one appliance from Amazon.comhis at Costco and thought it would be perfect for snowy days at the cabin and holiday parties, too. When the temperatures dip, warm, filling meals just seem to feel right. At Halloween, I like to serve my black bean chili with pumpkin soup, “two in a bowl”. The flavors and textures make a great contrast to each other and play out the festive black and orange color scheme, too. I also serve mulled cider, so this trio of crocks could cook and serve the whole menu and keep me from looking like a one woman pot luck dinner!, pub-2261152276079224, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Then Thanksgiving comes to mind and I’m thinking what a great way to keep taters, stuffing and sweet potatoes warm, while I’m making gravy and the Turkey is being sliced. Then I think of a couple of other sides and consider, maybe having TWO crock trios. I dismiss this as pure silliness. But now, I’m really thinking!

Of course, Christmas dinner and holiday parties will see me pulling out the pots for dips and sides, soups, mulled wine, hot toddies and even leftovers. If I plan really well, I can make my overnight oatmeal for breakfast, leftovers for lunch and a Ratatouille for dinner – all working in shifts in my trio of hot pots! Boy, I sure hope Santa leaves at least one under the tree!

What do you want to find three of, under the tree?

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