California Pizza Kitchen’s New Flagship Store

California Pizza Kitchen Opens New Flagship Store At Westfield Topanga


California Pizza Kitchen is nearing its 30th Birthday. Like others born in Beverly Hills in 1985, CPK has discovered it’s a good time to consider how to approach the next 30 years, taking stock of successes, updating, reimagining and redesigning the future. With an eye on sustainability, California Pizza Kitchen launches some fresh ideas while returning to some of the things that made them so special when they opened that first store on Beverly Drive in ’85. Pictured above is their build out into the center of the mall where a reclaimed wood decor meets a brand new cocktail menu sourcing fresh ingredients from blueberries to basil. This new 1,000 square foot standalone bar is adjacent to the restaurant and allows you to order from the full menu offered inside.


The food and beverages are all prepared in plain view in the bar as well as the restaurant. You can see the quality and care put into everything they serve.


We sampled several new cocktails, each more fabulous than the one before. With ingredients like avocado, cactus and cucumber you’ll be surprised how many healthful ingredients a little indulgence can contain! The Route 1 and new Margaritas are exceptionally delicious.


The fresh faces of the opening team are backed by a display of fresh veggies that are there for practical reasons. These colorful, fresh ingredients will be used in the delicious dishes that come out of this kitchen.


A return to hand-tossed dough! The new dough, lighter, crispier and so good, it deserves two photos.


Wild mushrooms shaved so thin even fungiphobes will enjoy them. Hmmm. Spell check doesn’t like that. Maybe I made up a new word?


The results? Great flavor! The Mushroom Pepperoni Sausage pizza made with CPK’s custom 4″ hand torn pepporoni is full of pizazz and was a personal favorite, also the Bianco flatbread (Whipped truffle cream, Gorgonzola, Mozzarella and fresh sage) was a big hit with the EncinoMom crew. The pizzas we sampled were all served without red sauce and we didn’t miss it. The Spicy Sausage Meatballs were served with tomato basil sauce, Parmesan and grilled Ciabatta bread and they were really, really flavorful and satisfying.


The flat breads.


First bites. Happiness.

EncinoMom at the Reimagined California Pizza Kitchen. Photo of Fresh Berry Dessert.

This is a seasonal dessert, so act fast if you’d like to taste Summer Berries + Vanilla Bean Sabayon, served with housemade candied lemon zest. The Butter Cake wouldn’t stay on a plate long enough for us to get a good photo! The new location showcases what’s to come as stores across the country get an infusion of California fresh. From 2-5 pm Monday through Friday, the bar and restaurant at Westfield Topanga will both offer a mid-day break menu with special prices on cocktails, beer, wine, and select appetizers (including the aforementioned meatballs. Just a little reminder – they’re so, so good!).

Special thanks to CPK CEO, G.J. Hart & the staff at this new location for hosting us. Wishing you all much success with your California.

Lisa Keating’s hair by Carlton Hair, Master Stylist, Phillip Arellano: 818/676-0383
Photos by EncinoMom staff photographer.
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    • Their new desserts are amazing! The one pictured here is seasonal – and a personal favorite! Thanks for stopping by.
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