California Lifestyle Recipe For Clams

Photo of clams cooked the California Lifestyle way in Ventura, California by Lisa Keating of EncinoMom.comLive the California Lifestyle wherever you are with our recipe for clams cooked over coals. If you happen to be visiting California, head to The Jolly Oyster at San Buenaventura State Beach for these sustainably farmed, fresh clams. The clean grills and pic nic tables await your arrival. Bring charcoal, a lighter, a few ingredients to add to your clams and you’ll feel like you’ve been away from home for a week in only an afternoon.

The recipe:

2 lbs. of fresh clams

3 cloves of garlic, sliced

1 cup of beer (Heineken works perfectly)

3 Tablespoons fresh coarsely chopped herbs (we used, flat leaf parsley, with a little lavender and mint)

2 Tablespoons of butter

Pour the beer over the washed clams. We use the aluminum take out dish provided by The Jolly Oyster. Add the butter, garlic and herbs. Loosely crimp the lid onto the dish and place onto the grill over your hot coals. Don’t worry, the clams will let you know when they are finished cooking. As the shells pop open, they force the lid on the dish to do the same. Don’t eat any clams that don’t open.

The California Lifestyle setting for oysters and clams at the ocean. Photo by Lisa Keating of EncinoMom.comLoaves of crusty bread, lemons and fresh herbs adorn the table for a California Lifestyle pic nic by the sea. Photo by Lisa Keating of EncinoMom.comPhoto of a California Lifestyle pic nic at the Jolly Oyster in Ventura, California by EncinoMom's Lisa Keating.AMAZINGLY tasty. Bring lots of crusty bread, everyone loves to sop up the sauce when the clams are cooked. No beer? No fear, white wine works just as well. If you’d prefer not to use alcohol, substitute chicken broth for the beer. If you are planning to try this at the beach for the first time, check out our list of what to bring with you.

This recipe for preparing clams is complemented beautifully by our grilled cantaloupe, champagne and an arugula salad with Asiago cheese and of course at least one, enormous baguette of crusty fresh, French bread. For a truly civilized outing, bring real cups and saucers and serve strong coffee with dark chocolate for desert. Sigh, I’m ready to go back and I haven’t even unpacked the car, yet.

The view, the vibe, the friends, the food – California Lifestyle at its best!

Click here for our grilled cantaloupe recipe.

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California Lifestyle Recipe For Clams — 3 Comments

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  2. I have never tried clams but many people tell me that they are delicious. I would love to try this recipe.
    • Hi John,

      I was never a big fan of clams, but this recipe has been a real crowd pleaser. When the clams are all gone, we sop up the sauce with crusty French bread. Easy and delicious!


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