Cake In A Minute? Bake With The Kids

Bake a cake in a minute with the kids (or make an emergency dessert for unexpected guests).

Cake In A Minute, photo by Lisa Keating for

3, 2, 1 . . . Done!

3, 2, 1 . . . Done!


Mix one box Angel Food Cake Mix & one box of any other flavor cake mix. Store in a Ziplock Bag and keep in the cupboard for rainy day cakes.  (Some flavor options: Red Velvet, carrot, spice, orange, strawberry, lemon, chocolate, etc.)

Valentine's Day 2013

3 T Cake In A Minute Mix.

To make one Baby Cake In A Minute:

3 Tablespoons of your Baby Cake In A Minute Mix

2 Tablespoons Water

1 Minute in the microwave

Mix water and cake mix blend, cook for one minute in a small microwave safe dish (ramekins are perfect); top with fruit, chocolate sauce, powdered sugar, sprinkles, frosting, etc.




Make cake in a minute. Photo by Lisa Keating for EncinoMom.

Add 2 T Water, Stir.









Cake in a minute, quick & easy dessert for Valentine's Day.

1 Minute in the Micro, Decorate. Done!

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Cake In A Minute? Bake With The Kids — 2 Comments

    • My daughter loves making this. We keep a bag of the mix in the cupboard with the directions written in sharpie! Enjoy!

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