Born On The Fourth Of July

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Besides many of my favorite people and our nation, many of those born on the 4th of July have been adored by Americans young and old. From writers; Nathaniel Hawthorne (The Scarlet Letter), Ron Kovic (Born on the Fourth of July), and Neil Simon (The Goodbye Girl) and songwriters Stephen Foster (O Susanna), Bill Withers (Lean on Me) and NOT George M. Cohan (Give My Regards To Broadway) – he was born on July 3rd – to circus impresario – NOT Phineas T. Barnum – he was born on July 5th, but his partner; James A. Bailey and other great showmen Louis B. Mayer (MGM) and George Steinbrenner (the show called baseball) today we celebrate them all. Dear Abby (Abigail Van Buren) and her twin sister, Ann Landers were born on this date along with actresses (too many to mention, so here are two you may remember) Gina Lollobrigida and Eva Marie Saint (North by Northwest), NOT actor Tom Cruise (Risky Business) – he shares George Cohan’s b-day, July 3rd – confusing, I know, especially since he starred in the movie Born on the Fourth of July! President, Calvin Coolidge was born on this date and America’s First Daughter, Malia Obama celebrates today, too.

Some facts sourced here: The Sacramento Bee 

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