Unboxing; Bandelettes, Woolite and a Corset!

Corset, Bandelettes and Woolite Unboxing on EncinoMom.com

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Photo of woman wearing black Bandelettes supplied by company.

Nice legs, but not mine!

Look at what we’re unboxing! The fabulous pin stripped, steel boned corset from The Violet Vixen is a waist trainer and we think it’s super fun paired with these Bandelettes. We also received samples of the latest from Woolite; a detergent that’s gentle on elastic, helps your garments retain their original shape and color and is made for the washing machine.

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They look like stocking tops and provide protection from inner thigh chaffing which can be annoying and uncomfortable. Because they look like lingerie, you can have fun deciding whether or not to let them show. We’ve seen them paired with shorts and skirts on sites like www.nu-bay.com. If you are a little more modest (or ancient) you may prefer to keep them secretly hidden under your clothes for your own comfort or amusement. Of course, they are pretty and sexy and are welcome in the bedroom, too. They come in nudes, red, black and white and are just delicious under wedding dresses. Bandelettes retail for $10.99 to $14.99.

Next: Woolite Everday Liquid Laundry Detergent

If you’ve ever heard that sickly crackling sound as you pulled on your favorite yoga pants or sports bra, that sound that signals the end of an era, the death of elastic, you know it always seems to happen at the worst times. You’re 2 minutes away from flying out the door (you know, because your toothbrush is in your mouth) and class starts in 5 minutes, 2 minutes down the street. Toothbrush in one hand and yoga pants in the other, you brush your teeth and pull your clothes on at the same time. Crackle, crackle, crinkle, crackle. The sound of elastic death. You can still make it to class on time, but your asanas will be altered by the hand holding your pants up! At this point, it’s too late for Woolite Everyday, but if you know what I’m talking about here, it’s not too late for YOU!

Woolite Everyday Unboxing.

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We received samples of the new Woolite Everyday with Fiber-Flex™ technology that goes in the washer and helps your garments maintain their shape and elasticity. The gentle formula cleans well and is pleasantly scented. I can’t promise you’ll never have a yoga pant blow out again, but I have trusted Woolite’s gentle formula for delicates and hand washables for years. Woolite Everyday retails for $8.87 for 50 oz. Use the Amazon affiliate link above for more detailed product information plus an electronic coupon!

Keep Calm And Lace Up Your Corset

We love this waist training corset from The Violet Vixen. I wasn’t sure about sharing this with you, until I actually received the product. I have been looking into corsets for a while now, particularly for the feminine and cinched waist that they give you. I particularly love the gorgeous victorian corsets that are on the market; not only do they give you a beautiful curvy figure, but they look fantastic on! The corset I had delivered is beautifully constructed and amazingly flattering! Now, before you decide that I’ve gone off the rails, I want to remind you that I spent many hours on stage back in the day and am no stranger to waist cinching. Since becoming a Mom, I haven’t spent much time worrying about my waistline, but I am human and do enjoy looking and feeling feminine and attractive even if I’m just a Mom (and Media Mogul) now.

I met The Violet Vixen at an event and she convinced me that I didn’t have to be a 19 year old girl to appreciate a good corset. And so the adventure began. I’m so sorry that we didn’t film me trying on the corset for the first time. As soon as we finished this unboxing episode, we had some lunch and Christopher (bless his heart and soul) tried to help me into the garment. Being a Julliard graduate and veteran of the stage himself, Christopher has had plenty of experience in this arena, too. Well! It quickly devolved into a wrestling match: Christopher and I against my body and the corset. The convulsive laughter and physical contortions that ensued will stay with me forever! After Christopher left for the day. I settled down and got myself laced up on my own. Laughter is not helpful to this process – just so you know.

Corset Unboxing video on EncinoMom.com. Waist training, under bust, steel boned corset from The Violet Vixen.

Selfie of me in a gray tee with corset

Here are the tips I have for you:

  1. When you open the box with your beautiful brand new corset inside, take time to appreciate the quality and enjoy the look of it knowing you may be an hour away from actually trying it on!
  2. Both the front and back open. You want the front completely open and the back as loose as is necessary to fit the garment around your body. (You don’t need to unlace the corset all the way, but you should gently pull the back apart until the modesty panel is fully extended.) The impulse is to slightly loosen the laces which just won’t work unless you ordered a corset that is too large!
  3. Hook the middle front first. If you try to work from the top or bottom, it is nearly impossible to fasten the middle. The corset, while being steel boned, does have some give and will take time to adjust to your particular figure.
  4. Lying on your back helps to close the front and throwing yourself across the bed may feed your inner Drama Queen.
  5. Tighten laces from top to middle and bottom to middle, then tighten the lacing at your waist.
  6. Follow the instructions and don’t try to cinch your waist in too much the first time you try your corset on.

The corset does amazing things for your figure, even on the first wearing. The upper line of the garment accentuates even a modest bustline. While my waist measurement is the same whether I have the corset on or not (I am not “tight lacing” or cinching in the waist, yet), the shape of my silhouette is much nicer with the corset on, giving me a curvier figure and improved posture

Corset Unboxing of Violet Vixen's corsets on EncinoMom.com

Jeweled Silk Dupioni Corset.

I have to tell you, I’ve had the corset on a half dozen times or so – not serious waist training by any stretch, but enough to be comfortable and to experiment with different looks. A lot of people are interested in the idea of waist training in the health and fitness industry. It is not just for women though. Looking into the best waist trainer for men would be something to consider. Back to us ladies! Even though the corset is lined in cotton, you’ll want to wear something underneath it. I had it on over a white tee shirt with a pair of jeans when I had to leave the house suddenly. I threw on a jacket and went out in public. I definitely noticed a difference. Was it my posture, my attitude, my curves? I can’t say for sure, but the attention was positive and I felt just a little bit invincible.

If you’d like to check out The Violet Vixen online, they have tons of helpful information on their site including sizing and they have fun shoes and other accessories. Corsets range in price from about $100 to over $300 for the turquoise Dupioni Silk, overbust corset pictured here. All corsets are made to order. Receive 10% off when you join their mailing list.

Thanks to Jasmine at The Violet Vixen, Leesa at Bandelettes, Stacey at Coyne, my on camera co-horts, Lizzie K and The Maestro of Culture, and special thanks to the EncinoMom crew for their consistent level of great work and good humor!


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