Antoinette Rohner, Founder of MovingIntoPeace Invites You To Enjoy A Daily Cup Of Chi

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In this 6 minute Qigong video, join Antoinette Rohner as she welcomes you with a Daily Cup Of Chi. This video from Moving Into Peace takes you through one of the basic movements of Qigong, a 5000 year old Chinese health practice. If you are not familiar with Qigong, you may have heard of Tai Chi. If these disciplines were a tree, Qigong would be the trunk and Tai Chi would be a branch.

Enjoy this meditative journey inside yourself with Antoinette as your guide. Qigong stimulates your body and encourages a connection between mind, body and the Universe around you. Breathing in the life force that flows unseen all around you, connecting deeply to your highest and best self facilitates inner calm and activates your body’s own healing powers. I’m told that practitioners in China have a hospital where the only medicine is the daily practice of Qigong. When you endeavor to cultivate the peace that exists inside of you, there’s a connection that is formed to all others participating in the practice at the same time, no matter where they are in the world.

Personally, I find Qigong to be a great tonic for an overly active imagination and a tendency to worry.

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Video by: EncinoMom Productions

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