A Cup of Tea In the Japanese Garden

Tea Service in the Japanese Garden in Los Angeles’ Woodley Park

In this episode of California Living from http://EncinoMom.TV, we join volunteer Debra Phillips and host, Lisa Keating for a walk in the park. This seemingly remote Japanese Garden, designed by landscape architect, Dr. Kawana to use the reclaimed water from the adjacent Tillman Water Reclamation Plant, is tucked up off of Woodley Avenue behind a stretch of the park.

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A great spot for silent reflection or a serene stroll, visits to the garden in the spring bring sightings of Cherry Blossoms and Wisteria in bloom. Fish and water fowl abound. It’s best to call ahead since they have limited hours of operation. The gardens are well tended and designed. The water reclamation plant has a decidedly futuristic look. You will recognize it from countless TV shows and movies.

Admission to the garden is $3 for Adults, $2 for Seniors and Children under 10. The garden is also available for weddings and other events and the small gift shop is a gem, with chopsticks, tea cups, books and information about the history of the garden. This is a wonderful time of year to visit as the Camellias and Azaleas fade and the Cherry Blossoms, Irises and Wisteria take their turn in the spotlight.

There is a small parking lot and there are clean restrooms located at the back of the park near the Shoin Building (pictured above). If you wonder about the large chains hanging from the corners of the Shoin Building, those are rain chains, designed to musically deflect rain as it travels to the ground from gutters. Placed where the downspouts would be, rain chains are practical and decorative. The Shoin Building also has typical shoji screens to filter sunlight and breezes in place of windows and there is a corner of the building with tatami mats demonstrating a traditional tea ceremony room. You can view the room (through glass) and also watch a video demonstrating a tea ceremony.

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