10 Picks To Pack For A Week Away

10 Picks To Pack For A Week Away – Summer Style

Top Ten Picks To Pack For A Week Away With Host Lisa Keating On California Living
This episode of California Living takes you inside the suitcase. EncinoMom’s Lisa Keating reveals our 10 Picks To Pack For A Week Away. Not only do we share some of our current favorites, but when you subscribe to EnicnoMom Monthly, you can download our guide to the strategy behind the system, so you can make this work with items you already own. Pin this video, bookmark it or subscribe to our channel so you’ll have it handy when you’re planning your next vacation.

We never like to bring more than we can carry easily, without assistance. It’s great to have your baggage carried for you, but when push comes to shove, it’s usually better to travel light. It requires more time and thought before you pack, but once you put in the effort – and it’s fun, by the way – you are good to go – period. This is the same strategy that allowed us to travel across Europe for 6 weeks with a single duffel bag each! We had enough clothes to make countless combinations. Accessories allowed us to look like locals wherever we went. Typically, tourists wear shorts and gym shoes with few accessories, save a baseball cap and sunglasses. Locals are always more comfortable with the climate and tend to wear “cute” shoes, boots, and other items, like jewelry, belts, wraps, and scarves.

We hope you enjoy this video! For the record, we’d like to thank Fresh Produce Clothing for providing some of our picks! They sent us a different dress than the one we requested and it has become an immediate A+ pick! Not only does it pack well, dress up and down, but the fabric is the perfect weight, so it’s super comfy and very flattering. Worn around town this pick is receiving raves and lots of unsolicited compliments!!

Lisa Keating’s hair by Carlton Hair Master Stylist, Phillip Arellano: 818/676-0383

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